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Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. has been the preferred glass replacement and window film company in Littleton and Colorado Springs since our inception in 1984. We believe hard work, quality glass, and unbeatable customer service are absolutely essential to any company’s success, so that’s what we practice at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. We offer a comprehensive line of architectural aluminum storefront systems, blast rated systems, plate glass, and window film in Littleton and Colorado Springs to give your home or office the exact level of security and the stunning appearance you’re looking for. Why should you settle for mediocre when you can select Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. and experience the complete customer satisfaction our customers enjoy every day? If you’re looking for the best glass replacement, repair, and window film installation in Colorado Springs and Littleton, CO, contact Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. today.

Window Film in Colorado Springs and Littleton, CO

If you’re in need of window film for your home or office, we have an extensive line of window films that can meet your needs. The window films we carry from 3M, Solyx, and Fasara, can save you money on your energy bill and make your residence or business look more visually appealing.

The benefits of our Colorado Springs and Littleton, CO window films include:

  • Reduced energy costs and interior fading
  • Improved comfort of your interior and cut down on sun glare
  • Increased privacy and enhanced appearance from the outside

3M Window Films

Prestige Films—

A prestige film can reduce the harmful effects of the sun and provide a solution for common problems like faded furnishings, rooms that appear uncomfortable, and cut down your energy costs. As a respectable company, 3M offers a warranty on all their products, so you never need to worry about losing money. In fact, the product will pay for itself within a relatively short period of time due to the reduction in energy costs.

Night Vision Films—

If you’re looking for attractive tones, low reflectivity, and high performance sun control features, a night vision film is perfect for you. Unlike low quality night vision films, 3M’s film features a low interior reflectivity that makes the window view clearer at night and during the day. The color combination and features will instantly make for a more comfortable room. The newer models actually use technology that enhances color stability.

Neutral Films—

These 3M window films offer a unique combination of low reflectivity and high performance that any home or business owner will melt over. These films are equipped with a neutral/gray colored metal coating that will never fade or change color.

All Season Films—

These all-season, low-e films offer substantial summer and winter benefits and are popular in northern areas where significant climate change takes place.

High Performance Films—

These 3M window films offer high performance in terms of heat rejection. They have a silver color due to the metal coating and will never fade or change color.

3M Fasara Interior Design Films

A combination of Far Eastern design and newer technology, 3M Fasara Interior Design Films offer a new, innovative way to manage your space. The films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions and the inside surface of windows. Unlike etched glass, these interior design films can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Common uses for 3M Fasara Interior Design Films include:

  • Conference rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Retail environments
  • Residential settings
  • Private offices
  • Glass partitions
  • Verandas

3M Safety and Security Films

These films are a great help in the event of a severe storm, bomb blast, or burglary. The film allows the integrity of the structure to remain intact while keeping wind, rain, and flying glass from damaging the interior. These films can also block our ultraviolet rays and reduce energy costs.

3M Anti-Graffiti Window Films

If you want to protect your glass from graffiti, scratches, acid-etching and other forms of external damage, contact us about our anti-graffiti window films. These films come with a 6 month exterior warranty and a 10 year interior warranty.

For the best window film Littleton and Colorado Springs, CO have to offer, contact Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. today!

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