Window Film Options That Add Privacy and Protection

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Protecting your business comes in many forms, including the glass windows you use. Along with the window itself, you can add extra protection to your business with the use of window film installations. Window films feature thin layers of material used to increase both the safety and privacy of the building.

As you upgrade the glass at your business, learn about the unique window film options. Not only will the film help add privacy and protection for your business, but they will increase energy efficiency as well.

1. Anti-Graffiti Films

The ground-level windows on your business are one of the most vulnerable areas to vandalism. If you leave the glass exposed, then spray paint, markers, or other forms can leave the windows permanently damage. Even though it’s not your fault, the presence of graffiti could give your business an unappealing look and turn customers away.

One way to add extra protection is with the installation of anti-graffiti film on all the windows. The film will protect your business from vandalism and the clean-up from graffiti can happen quickly. When graffiti is applied, you simply pull the film off and the window looks brand new again.

You can apply a new film yourself or have professionals come to replace the film and add protection to the window again. The film also protects against any etching. For example, if someone tries to carve or chisel out the glass to write messages, the film will protect the glass and prevent damage.

2. Night Vision Films

If your office is open during the night, then you may want to consider the installation of night vision film. During the day, the film will block out harmful UV rays and prevent excessive heat into the office. At night, the film features a non-reflective interior. When you have all your office lights on, a typical window will reflect everything in the building and you cannot see outside.

The night vision film gives you direct views of the outside, including streets, other buildings, and the night sky. The visuals make a big difference when you use the office at night. You can apply night vision film to any exterior window in the office.

Because of the daytime benefits, the night vision film is ideal for businesses running multiple shifts. As workers transition in and out of the office, the window film will provide the protection needed.

3. Reflective Window Film

Add privacy and protection to your office windows with reflective window film. The outer layer of the film includes a mirrored reflective surface similar to a one-way mirror. The window film prevents anyone from seeing inside your business and offers a lot of privacy for your workers, especially employees who work on the street level where pedestrians walk by.

On the inside of the building, the reflective film offers a clear view of the outside, with a slight tint to block out sunlight. When the sun shines directly on the windows, it will bounce off, so employees are not blinded during certain parts of the day when the sun is angled directly at the building.

During the summer months, you will save a lot on your cooling needs due to the extra protection. When the reflective film is used on the whole building, you can add a professional touch and modern look to the building design.

4. Interior Glass Film

The window film used at your business doesn’t have to include just the exterior windows. You can increase the privacy of your office with window film installation. For example, if a boss or manager needs to add privacy in a meeting room, then you can add an interior film to the office windows. The film still allows light to go through so the room feels open and fully lit.

The interior glass film is ideal for glass bathroom doors, partitions between cubicles, and private office areas. The film itself also comes in a lot of unique artistic designs used to add style and match the decor of the business. For example, a modern office design may include a grid layout to add a patterned aesthetic appeal.

You can also give the appearance of frosted or etched glass with film installation. The film is much more cost-effective than replacing the whole window and will completely transform the look of the office while increasing the privacy employees may seek.

In some cases, you can even add your custom logo decals directly over the film. For example, if you have a large lobby with a glass partition to separate the waiting room, then you can add a frosted glass film and place a company decal over the whole design.

For more information on window film installations, contact us at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. We can show you examples of work we have done on other professional buildings and effective ways to use film for your office windows.

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