Where and How to Use Glass in Your Home’s Design

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Glass. It’s ever-present in today’s society, and you use it more than you probably realize.

It allows you to feel like part of the great outdoors while shielding you from harsh weather conditions. It brightens up any room and offers an elegant feel to an interior design. It enhances the beauty of flower arrangements, vintage photographs, and other home decor.

Glass offers a variety of benefits—it is multipurpose, strong, attractive, and easy to maintain. It is available in almost any shape, color, and style. But even with all these benefits, you might wonder if glass is right for your interior design. The answer to that question is: yes!

Because of its versatility and innate beauty, glass pairs well with any and all home designs. Whether you’re building a new home or just redesigning one room, glass is the perfect way to liven up your interior space.

3 Tips for Using Glass in Your Home

Before you determine where to incorporate glass in your home’s design, consider these three tips. They’ll help you narrow your focus and get the most out of your space.

1. Focus on light and reflectivity.

The amount of light you allow into your home makes or breaks your interior design. Because glass plays an integral role in letting light in, pay special attention to where you place glass doors, walls, and windows around your home.

Although glass helps brighten a room, it can also reflect light and produce glares. Harsh glares will make you and your guests uncomfortable, so make sure that a glass table doesn’t constantly reflect light coming in through your windows.

2. Consider your home’s occupants.

Do you have young children? Rowdy pets? If so, you should place glass fixtures around your home carefully.

Modern manufacturers produce glass to be able to withstand blows and scratches but unless you install bulletproof glass in your home, you might experience a broken window or two. Be sure to choose industrial-strength glass for your home design, and install glass fixtures out of reach of children and pets.

3. Pair glass with white.

If you’re trying to make your home appear more open or to help a single room look bigger, consider pairing glass fixtures with a white color scheme. White is a crisp color that blends well with glass features to create expansive, airy spaces.

4 Ways to Incorporate Glass into Your Interior Design

Glass is a wonderful material to incorporate into your home because its design possibilities are nearly endless. You know you can use glass windows to flood light your home with light, but how else can you incorporate it into your interior design? Here are four of our top suggestions.

1. Frameless shower doors

Glass is the perfect material for bathrooms, especially if they’re small. A shower curtain closes off your bathroom and makes it appear smaller, whereas a glass shower door keeps your bathroom’s design light and open.

Frameless shower doors are available in a wide variety of finishes, so you don’t have to sacrifice privacy for style.

2. Modern railings

Glass railings work well inside and outside your home. Do you have a staircase that looks a little stale and tired? Replace your old wood banisters with glass railings. Is an outdated deck ruining the stunning view from your backyard? Swap your deck’s fence out for a sleek glass railing.

3. Glass countertops and tables

You know glass cupboards will show off your fine china, but why not go for a full kitchen makeover and use glass as a worktop rather than choosing granite or marble for your counter or tabletop?

Glass is a breeze to clean, and it’s also tough, unique, and beautiful. Its reflective surface will bounce light throughout your kitchen, making it the brightest and most inviting space in your home.

Glass countertops and tables are available in many different colors and textures to suit any design scheme. Choose a light, non-textured glass for a crisp, clean look. Or, opt for a textured, non-linear glass to give your kitchen some extra character and dimension.

4. Glass walls

Do you want to open your home’s design but also maintain some privacy? Knock down a few walls and swap them out for glass replacements. Glass walls are perfect for small rooms, as well as social spaces. You could, for example, construct a glass wall between your kitchen and dining area to help people in each room feel more connected.

Glass walls also allow each room to borrow light from the next, increasing the amount of light circulating throughout your home. More light in each room could save you money on your energy bills.

Still wondering where and how to use glass in your home’s design? Contact a glass company in your area to determine what design is right for your space.

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