Ways Your Old Windows Decrease Quality of Life

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Old windows can decrease quality of life in your home in a variety of ways. Often, the problems created by old windows are subtle, and homeowners are not even aware of the many ways their old windows impact them. Understand the ways in which your home and life can be improved by installing new windows so that you can take care of yourself and your property.


Spread Toxic Dust

Lead-based paint was banned for use on residential structures in 1978. Homes that were built before that year often have lead-based paint somewhere on the interior or exterior of the structure. When lead-based paint wears down, it can create toxic dust that impacts indoor air quality and soil quality.

Young children are especially at risk for lead-based paint poisoning. Children exposed to lead-based paint may experience serious side effects like developmental delays and learning difficulties.

Windows are a particular point of exposure for lead-based paint because exposure to the elements can cause the paint to degrade over time. If your windows are old, made of wood, or painted, you could be exposed to lead-based paint. Your windows may need to be remediated, repaired or even replaced.


Block Your View and Natural Light

Dual-pane windows can last for several decades if they’re properly maintained. However, over the course of multiple decades, your dual-pane windows can become foggy. This happens when the seal between the windows breaks, which allows moisture to enter the space. Foggy windows block your view and the amount of natural light entering your home.

If your windows block the light entering your home, your home may look darker and less inviting. This can negatively impact the happiness you feel at home, and may also make your home harder to sell, when the time comes.

Sometimes foggy windows can be repaired. However, if many of your windows have become foggy, replacing them may be more economical. Talk to your window contractor to find out what’s right for your home.


Make Your Home Uncomfortable and Increase Utility Bills

Sometimes old windows make rooms drafty and cold, other times old windows allow light and heat to enter the home, which makes the house feel stuffy and unpleasant. When this happens, many homeowners reach for the thermostat and adjust the temperature.

This can cause utility bills to increase over a period of many years. As the windows fall into disrepair, the utility bills get higher and higher. While weatherstripping can sometimes help make the room more comfortable, this will only work temporarily. Replace the windows for a long-term solution.


Increase Wear and Tear on HVAC System

If you’re constantly adjusting the temperature in your home based on the temperature fluctuations, this can cause your air conditioner or furnace to work harder than necessary to keep your home comfortable. Over time, your HVAC system may experience more maintenance problems as a result of the hard work required to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


Fade Your Upholstery and Floors

Modern windows come with special coatings (like low-e coatings and window tints) that prevent UVA and UVB rays from entering the home. This protects your upholstery and woodwork, and prevents them from fading.

If you don’t have these special coatings on your windows, your furniture, floors, and upholstery could be seriously damaged over time. Uncoated windows can even increase your own exposure to harmful rays, which could lead to skin cancer.

Sometimes old windows can have a coating applied retroactively. Talk to your window contractor about having a coating installed on your old windows. If you consider replacing your windows, buy tinted or low-E windows to ensure that you and your possessions are protected.


Reduce Your Home’s Value

Depending on the state of your old windows, they could reduce your home’s value. If they’re not well-maintained, if they block light and impact the way your home looks, selling your home may be more difficult.

New windows have an ROI of around 80%. Replacing your windows would enable you to make more money when your home sells, while also improving your quality of life while the home is still yours.


Require Too Much Maintenance

Old windows, especially old wooden windows, need regular maintenance in order to remain functional. If you have old windows, you may need to spend many hours a year replacing caulking, repainting, and making repairs.

This takes time away from the things you enjoy doing most. You can free up time for yourself by installing new low-maintenance windows, which gives you more time for recreation and relaxation.


Contact Your Window Repair Contractor Today

If you’re concerned that your home’s windows are reducing your quality of life, contact a window contractor for information about repair or replacement. At Ken Caryl Glass, Inc, we’re happy to answer your questions and give you an estimate for a window upgrade.

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