The Benefits of Low-E Window Film for Pet Stores and Vet Offices

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For pet store and vet office owners, keeping your store in top condition will help protect animals and create an inviting environment for people to come into the business. Window upgrades are one of the first steps to improving the business location.

New windows for a business come with several options to choose from. The coating on the windows is one of the more important aspects to consider.

One of the most ideal coating options for a pet store or vet office is low-E window film. The film is infused metal alloys and provides many benefits for the locations. Learn how the low-E window film will offer protection and create a safe environment for the pets.

Heating and Cooling

Maintaining a proper temperature inside a building is an essential aspect of protecting animals. Many cages and tanks need to have a set temperature for the animal to thrive. During the winter and summer, plain glass windows can dramatically impact the way heat and cold air enter the business.

With low-E window film, you add extra layers of protection. During the summer, the film blocks out direct heat. If animals are near window areas, you do not want the heat to impact their living conditions. This especially applies to sensitive pets like fish or reptiles.

During the winter, the film will largely prevent cold air from entering the business. You will have a lot more control over the climate inside the shop and do not need to worry about covering up windows or blocking out natural sunlight. The sun will still provide natural light while UV rays reflect off the film and do not enter the location.

In the long run, you will help save money on heating and cooling, which can help increase profits and reduce your monthly utility costs. In a vet’s office, the saved money could be put into more equipment and treatment options for sick or ill animals.

Pet Sun Exposure

When the low-E film blocks out UV rays, the process adds more protection than just the heat. When pets have exposure to excessive UV rays, the animals run the risk of getting sunburned, especially in areas where fur coverage is minimal.

If you run a vet’s office, the last thing you want to have an animal suffer is from skin damage when the creature visits the office. Replacing all the windows with new windows and low-E window film can help prevent the sun exposure issues.

Many animals like cats enjoy lounging in the sun, so the window upgrades can provide a solution that makes the animals happy and keeps them from developing more issues in the future.

Floor Protection

Low-E window film offers ground protection as well. If the sun shines through and has direct contact with the floor, then the floor surface could easily become too hot for an animal to walk comfortably on. The heat may increase for animals in metal cages. The metal could become too hot for animal paws and bodies.

The window film can deflect the heat and keep surface levels comfortable. The film also protects the conditions of the floors at your business. UV rays could cause floors to fade, discolor, and look older.

People who visit a pet shop or vet’s office probably do not want to see an old and faded floor. The floor conditions could make people think the upkeep of the location is not good enough for the animals. Keep your floors looking new without the need to constantly replace carpets or make floor upgrades.

Product Protection

UV rays not only cause floors to lose their color, but the rays can cause problems for other items as well. In a vet’s office, you may have informational posters and health guidelines on the wall. Without low-E film on the windows, UV rays could cause the posters to fade and discolor over time.

Some of the timeless information will likely seem old and outdated with a worn poster. You may have decorations on walls like framed pictures or canvases of cats and dogs. The window film can also keep those items in mint condition so your artwork remains fresh and unique.

For a pet store, you may have products without expiration dates that you can keep on store shelves. The last thing you want to do is to cut into profits by having to discard discolored products like dog collars, leashes, and chew toys. The window film keeps the products in mint condition and allows you to keep the products prominently displayed around the shop.

For more information on our window film installation, contact us at Ken Caryl Glass Inc. We will help choose the best windows for your business and use the highest-quality window film to ensure all the animals stay safe and protected at your place of business.

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