Six Essentials for Your Minimalist Bathroom Design

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Minimalist design has become incredibly popular over the last few decades. It’s an architectural movement focused on simplicity and the elimination of clutter. Rooms are stripped down to just their key elements, lines are made as clean and concise as possible, and colors are kept to a minimum. Though minimalist design can certainly be employed in any room, it’s especially popular in bathrooms where homeowners really want that fresh, crisp feeling. 

If you’re thinking of designing a minimalist bathroom in your home, here are six key elements to include.

1. A Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

A colorful shower curtain or even a framed shower door has too much detail for a minimalist bathroom design. Though you could go with an open shower, most homeowners prefer to have some sort of barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. This helps keep water contained and also creates a sense of security while you’re using the shower. A frameless, enclosed glass shower fits the bill perfectly.

Clear glass makes for the most minimalist appearance, but if you want a bit more privacy, you can choose etched glass for your frameless shower enclosure. Light will still shine in while you’re showering, but anyone else who enters the room won’t have a clear view of you.

2. A Large Picture Window

One common element of minimalist bathroom designs is incorporation of the outdoor view into the room’s aesthetics. For example, if there’s a lovely view of a forest or field from your bathroom, that view can become the main decorative element in your bathroom.

Capturing an outdoor view in your bathroom may seem difficult since you don’t want to allow others to see into the space. If you are lucky enough to have your bathroom face an uninhabited area where people aren’t likely to be, that’s great. However, in other cases you may need to settle for a window with textured glass. That way, you’ll still get natural light and colors into your bathroom, but the texture will obscure the view of someone outside.

3. A Floating Sink

A large, vanity-mounted sink simply looks out of place in a minimalist setting. To maintain the simple aesthetic, consider a floating sink. This type of sink is mounted to the wall with all of the plumbing hidden behind the wall. Sometimes the faucet is separately mounted on the wall above the ceramic sink. Other times, it might be attached to the ceramic sink. 

There are many styles and shapes of floating sinks, but when choosing yours, keep in mind the importance of clean, geometric shapes in minimalist design. A simple rectangular or square sink is a better choice than a circular or ovular one.

4. Hidden Drawers

You’ll need somewhere to store items like towels and toilet paper. Hanging them on hooks or stacking them on shelves results in too cluttered an appearance. In most minimalist bathrooms, hidden drawers are the storage solution of choice. These are drawers built into the wall. They may have a simple drawer pull, or they may open when you press on one corner. When they are closed, they sit flat with the wall.

You can incorporate a “stack” of hidden drawers into the wall to one side of your sink. Some homeowners even like to have single, small hidden drawers placed strategically throughout the bathroom in places such as next to the toilet, over the sink, and to the side of the shower. This allows you to keep everything right where you need it without leaving clutter out and about.

5. Hidden Backlights

Instead of large, obvious light fixtures, most homeowners choose to light their minimalist bathrooms with hidden backlights. You can have lights installed behind your mirror, under the sink, and in recesses in the wall. These lights generate a soothing, dim glow that makes your bathroom feel luxurious.

If backlights alone don’t fully illuminate your space, you can add more light with a simple overhead light. A plain glass sphere or box, housing a single lightbulb, coordinates well with minimalist decor. Another option is to place bulbs behind a clear glass panel in the middle of your ceiling. When you look up, you’ll see a simple, glowing square of glass in the middle of the ceiling.

6. A Simple Color Scheme

Perhaps the most important element to consider is your color scheme. A monochromatic look, which uses three shades of the same color, is a common choice. For instance, you could have pale gray walls, darker gray accents, and a few splashes of black for emphasis.

Another option is to use just two colors—one for the majority of your elements and a second one to draw the eye to certain points. For instance, all of your walls and fixtures could be stark white, but you could use a few red tiles along the edge of your shower and red accents on the sink to bring balance to the space.

With the right shower, picture window, and carefully selected elements, your bathroom will take on a beautiful, minimalist appeal. If you’re ready to start your remodel with a custom glass shower enclosure or window, contact Ken Caryl Glass, Inc.

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