Signs That You Need to Replace Your Home’s Window Glass

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Your home may be a lovely haven from the outside world, but any house is a work in progress. You can always make improvements, and both the outdoor and indoor areas of your home need regular maintenance. If you think you may need new glass in your house’s windows, these signs should confirm that it’s time to have replacement glass installed.

Sign #1: Your Energy Costs Are Unmanageable

When you think of ways to save on your energy bills, you may think of controlling your thermostat more carefully. Maybe you turn off your heater or air conditioner when you’re not home. However, one of the things that may cause your energy bills to get out of control is right in front of your eyes when you look out the window: the glass itself.

Inefficient, older windows can allow too much air to escape. Also, older window glass is not going to be engineered to block UV rays that make your home too hot in the sweltering summer months. That means your air conditioner may have to be on much longer to cool down the same rooms that would cool down much easier if you had energy-efficient window glass.

In addition, you may be eligible for tax rebates, financing programs, and rebates for making energy-efficient home improvements such as replacing your window glass.

Be sure to check glass doors when you are replacing window glass. If it’s time to replace the glass in your windows, it’s probably time to replace the glass in doors, too.

Sign #2: You Have Multiple Damaged Panes

Windows may last for decades when they’re not damaged. However, sometimes damage is inevitable. You can’t control things like a neighbor’s child hitting a baseball through your window or repeated storm damage to your glass panes. If you have received frequent or excessive damage to multiple panes, it’s probably time to replace the glass in your windows.

If you merely try to patch up broken panes, you can ultimately leave yourself more vulnerable to break-ins and a host of other problems. Also, if you live in a neighborhood where some of your choices are ruled by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), you may be required to replace the window glass in a timely manner, depending on the rules you agreed to when you moved in.

Sign #3: You Notice Window Leaks

Leaky windows allow water into the home, where it can cause damage to the house, your furnishings, and your other possessions. Eventually, mold may start to develop. The longer you wait to address the issue, the bigger the problem can get.

If you notice that your windows are leaking, act as soon as possible. Although the leak may be caused by a variety of issues, part of the solution may be replacing the window glass that is permitting the leak.

Sign #4: You Plan on Selling Your Home

If you plan on selling your home and know that its current windows are rather old, you may want to replace them before putting your home up for sale. Windows impact everything from the curb appeal of the house to the overall impression that someone has of your home’s interior. They can make or break potential homebuyers’ interest in your house.

Don’t place your home on the market without first replacing broken, damaged, unsightly, or just plain old window glass. If you do place your home for sale with ugly windows, that decision may lead to your home sitting on the market for over six months. You may then lose thousands of dollars or more down the road simply for missing the ideal timeframe for selling the house.

Sign #5: You Want to Beautify Your Home

If you notice that your windows are looking unsightly, it can be bothersome. It doesn’t matter if your windows still have full functionality if they look bad and inspire negative feelings when you come home each day. If you decide that you want your windows to be more aesthetically pleasing, don’t hesitate to replace your window glass.

Decorative window glass is available for less than you may think. You may also find that simply replacing your old window glass with something new brings an invigorating, fresh look and feel to a home. When you decide to replace your window glass, you may also decide to add a skylight or put a fanlight in your doorway. Glass can beautify your home in dozens of ways.

Contact Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., if you think it may be time to replace the glass in your windows. As the Rocky Mountain region’s premier glass company, we are happy to help your home look the best it ever has. Replacing your windows when necessary shows that you care for your home, and it is an investment in your house that you can appreciate for years to come.

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