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If you want to make your house more energy efficient but you can’t afford to replace your windows, try Thinsulate Window Film. Ken Caryl Glass Inc. offers these money-saving films to homeowners at affordable prices so you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We serve Littleton, CO, and Colorado Springs, CO, along with the surrounding areas.

Solve Your Insulation Problem

Windows are a weak point in your home. During the winter, you can lose heat through badly insulated windows, and during the summer, windows let strong sunlight in that heats up your house and fades your furniture. While replacing old windows with newer ones can often make your home more energy efficient, many homeowners aren’t ready or willing to make the investment.

Instead, try Thinsulate Window Film. These films attach to your existing glass, and they are all but invisible—unless you really look for them, you won’t notice that they’re there. However, despite their unobtrusiveness, they significantly contribute to your home’s insulation.

Each film provides about the same level of insulation as adding another pane of glass: if you have single-pane windows, you’ll now have about the same insulation performance as a double-pane window, and a double-pane window performs nearly as well as a triple-pane window. You’ll be able to let light in without UV rays or heat in the summer, and your windows won’t let as much heat out in the winter.

The manufacturer of Thinsulate Window Film, 3M Window Films, offers a limited lifetime warranty for your films. You can make this investment in your home without worry.

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