Bullet Resistant Glass & Security Film for the Denver, CO Area

Every day in the news you hear about the latest security issues in your area. A local break-in at a small business or home. A bomb threat downtown. Random acts of vandalism. You also worry about natural disasters like earthquakes or severe storms.

If you’re worried about safety, turn to Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. We offer safety film and bullet-resistant glass in Littleton, CO and the surrounding area.

How Does Bullet-Resistant Glass Work?

The prevalence of bullet-resistant glass in action movies and television shows leads to confusion about its capabilities. Additionally, many of our customers do not know that security film presents a valid alternative. Let’s clear some things up.

Bullet-resistant glass consists of polycarbonate placed between layers of traditional glass. When fired upon, polycarbonate does not shatter like a sheet of glass. Instead, it spreads out the energy across the material, stopping the projectile before it gets to the next layer.

There are different grades of bullet resistant glass designed to impede a specific caliber of bullet.  Additionally, bullet-resistant glass in Littleton, CO is expensive. Generally, we only install bullet-resistant glass where specified by an architect.

What About Safety or Security Film?

Security film is a thin layer of plastic placed over an existing pane of glass. Security film helps deter burglars from residential homes and small business. It also provides extra shatter protection for high-risk areas. It will not stop bullets, but it still provides extra safety, and with a smaller price tag.

We recommend security film for a variety of different buildings, including:

  • Stores susceptible to “smash-and-grab” thefts
  • Homes that require extra protection from natural disasters or burglars
  • Hotels
  • Schools

You can’t skimp on safety. If you think your current situation warrants the additional protection, install security film or bullet-resistant glass in Littleton, CO right away. Call us at 1.877.6.GLASS.6 to speak to one of our experts.

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