Reduce Your Utility Bill with Energy Efficient Windows

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If you’re tired of expensive utility bills and are looking for ways to save money, consider installing energy efficient windows. These windows can help you save money year-round, no matter how hot or cold it gets. Here are some facts to help you decide if replacing your windows with energy efficient ones would benefit you.

Unbeatable Energy Savings

Out of the energy used in your home, up to 50% goes to cooling and heating. This means you can save a fair amount on your energy bill by reducing heating and cooling consumption. In fact, energy efficient windows keep you cool in the summer by blocking 70% of solar heat gain.

In total, energy efficient windows can save you up to 30% on your average annual energy costs. Within a year, you can save on tax credit, home value, and energy savings. Imagine saving up between $5,600 and $7,700 within the first year of using energy efficient windows. Furthermore, it only takes as little as three years to recover your initial investment.

Lower utility bills is just one benefit of energy efficient windows. You’ll also be able to experience 75% less carpet, furniture, and fabric fading.

Get Started Today

If you want to reduce your utility bill, call Ken Caryl Glass. We can help you install energy efficient windows or window films. We also offer window repair service in Colorado Springs, CO.

Call us at 877-6-GLASS-6 (877-645-2776) to get a quote for our window services.

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