Quick Guide to Window Film

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If your windows are in decent shape, outfit the glass with a specialty window film. Window films are available in multiple shades, thicknesses, and styles to suit residential or commercial applications. Here are some quick facts about window films.

Window Film Application Is a Fast Energy Upgrade

In terms of time, materials, and investment, window film is one of the quickest ways to save energy in your glassed building. Window film reduces solar gain and helps absorb heat.

The right type of window film can reduce solar heat gain in a structure by 50 to 75 percent. One-third of the average building’s power use is from HVAC overload due to solar heat gain. Undoubtedly, window film application lowers the use of your HVAC system and your overall energy costs.

Window films save even more energy by allowing natural sunlight into buildings. When you use fewer lights, energy consumption goes down. Switching to window film can also help your building move toward being certified as an energy-efficient structure.

Window Film Requires Careful Selection

Depending on the building code and other factors, you may need to replace some windows as part of your window-film installation. Glass doors should have tempered or safety glass. Window film will strengthen the door glass even more.

For all other areas of your structure, you need to keep four window-film measurements in mind. Your window-film installer has more detailed information on each of the following factors:

  • Visible light (transmitted): This light goes into the building.
  • Visible light (reflected interior): This light is what the inside window reflects.
  • Visible light (reflected exterior): This light is what the outside window reflects.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC): This value demonstrates how successful the film is in rejecting solar energy.

Choose window film that blocks more or less heat depending on your climate circumstances. Choose window films based on the safety of a structure’s inhabitants too.

Window Film Should Protect in Emergencies

Where are your structure’s escape routes in case of fire, earthquake, or other emergency event? Do you have any glass doors or doors with glass windows along any of the designated escape routes?

Install window film with safety features on glass in areas where people will escape from harm. Window film can help keep broken windows from breaking into dangerous, sharp pieces. In some cases of blast, blunt force, or penetration, window film holds pieces of a shattered window together so shards don’t pierce feet, hands, or faces of escaping people.

Speak with your window-film installer about the various types of safety films available. You may not need high-quality safety window film throughout your entire building. However, installing safety-type window film in key locations can mean the difference between an injury and no injury during emergency events.

Window Film Offers Custom Privacy

You can have sunlight streaming into your office or kitchen and also have complete privacy. With window film, you choose the privacy level you prefer.

You can place a visible light–reflected exterior window-type film on windows to give your building a mirrored appearance. People inside can see the world outside, but the outside world can’t see anything inside your structure.

Any number of privacy options is available with modern window film. You can have 24-hour privacy, daytime-only privacy, nighttime-only privacy, or a mix of privacy conditions with various types of window films. Block visual access to sensitive assets while opening up your impressive lobby to passersby.

Building owners aren’t limited by mundane window film designs anymore. A professional window-film installer can find unique window films that set your spaces and your architecture apart.

Privacy films are available in modern, ornate, and industrial designs to enhance commercial and residential structures. Choose films with mini-mosaic designs or delicate patterns that look like etched glass pieces.

Decorative window films are wonderful enhancements for interior doors inside older structures. The decorative window films clean up old door glass without being too fussy or complicated.

Window Film Should Have Professional Installation

If you plan to envelope an entire multi-story structure in window film, or you only want to spruce up one wall of windows with window film, don’t try to tackle the job on your own. Professional window film installers have specialized tools that spread and install window film without creases, wrinkles, or rips in the film fabric.

A combination of specialized tools and training helps to apply window film correctly. A shoddy window-film application won’t last as long as a professional window-film installation. Your windows may even look worse if you don’t adequately prepare the glass or the product before applying window film to your structure.

Trust an expert to enhance your building with the best window film. You’ll save yourself the trouble of paying for a redo of a bad window-film job, and you’ll love the results a professional gives you.

Place attractive and functional window film on your building in the Colorado Rockies by contacting Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., today. We offer a full range of high-quality window film products for winter and summer glass comfort.

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