Need to Replace Your Windows? Look for These 7 Signs

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Whether you’ve recently purchased your home or you’ve lived in it for years, one fact remains certain: you love the property. Your home is more than just a place you live. It’s a place where you have made or will make memories.

You want to continue having good experiences in your home, so you do your best to care for the entire property. You clear weeds out of the yard, and you landscape the outside so it looks pleasing and incredible. You plan to update the exterior paint. And you even want to add a few pieces of patio furniture to give your home that extra touch.

But have you thought about including your home’s windows in your efforts?

Your home’s windows are some of the first things passersby and visitors notice about your abode. And if these glass structures look disheveled or are in poor condition, your home’s look—and market value—could suffer. Replacing your windows is the easiest way to remedy the problem. If you aren’t sure if you need to replace your windows, look out for the following signs.

1. The Windows Don’t Open and Close Easily

Aside from providing your home’s interior with natural light, a window’s primary purpose is to safely allow air into your home. When you want to get a good cross breeze in your home, you want to easily open your windows. But if you have to crank the handle or tug the window upward with great difficulty (and if you have to use great force to close your windows), you likely need to get them replaced.

2. Your Home Feels Drafty

During the summer, you like to feel cool in your home. In the winter, you prefer warmer indoor temperatures. But if you find a room warmer or cooler than you’d like, inspect your windows. Do you feel air blowing through the glass or frame? If so, the seals have likely degraded, or the frame has developed gaps in it.

The only solution to drafty windows is to replace them, so get in touch with your local glass company if you notice an air leak.

3. Ice or Condensation Collects Between the Window Panes

Most modern and updated homes have double- or triple-paned windows in them. As you can guess, these windows are made of two or three panes of glass that have insulating material (usually a gas) in between them. Additionally, the windows are sealed tight to keep the gas inside.

However, if you see ice or condensation between the window panes, the seals have likely failed, and the windows won’t stay insulated. You should also look for a dry, white film between the panes. This residue gets left behind when condensation dries and deposits calcium on the glass.

4. The Windows Are Old

Like other features on your home, such as the roof and siding, your windows weren’t built to last until the end of time. If windows and their supporting frames are properly cared for, they should last for about 20 years.

Take a look at your home’s latest inspection report, and see when the windows were installed. If they were added more than 20 years ago, you’ll want to replace them with new ones.

5. Your Energy Bill Has Skyrocketed

As previously mentioned, window seals can fail and let air leak into and out of your home. Sometimes, though, you might not be able to detect a draft on your own. But you can check your energy bills each month.

Drafty and leaky windows will cause your home’s heating and cooling systems to work harder, forcing them to use more energy as a result. And your monthly electric and gas bills will skyrocket from the extra use. If you notice any unusual spikes in energy use, your windows could be the culprit and likely need replacing.

6. The Glass Is Damaged

Perhaps one of the more obvious signs is damage to the glass. Small chips and cracks could use a simple repair, but more significant damage (like broken or too cracked glass) requires a total replacement.

7. The Frames Are Rotted

You should also pay attention to your window frames. Most window frames, especially those in older homes, are made of wood and can rot with time and exposure to the elements. Look out for warped, crumbling, or peeling wood around your windows, and contact a window expert immediately if you see this kind of damage.


If you notice any of the above-listed signs, you likely need to replace the windows at your home or office. Get in touch with the experts at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. as soon as possible. We’ll send a technician to your home and determine if you do need new windows or a simple repair.  Then, we’ll help you choose the right kind of glass and framing so your new windows can complement your home for years.

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