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You love the natural light your windows let in, and you love your view through them. Generally, having a lot of big windows can make your home feel more spacious and comfortable. However, can you have too many windows? Would you want to live in a glass house?

This blog will tell you about buildings in the United States that are mostly made of glass. It’s up to you whether you love or hate them, but they are definitely worth seeing if you are ever nearby.

Wayfarers Chapel

Wayfarers Chapel, also called “The Glass Church,” is a chapel built on the coast of California. If you ever visit Rancho Palos Verdes, take the time to stop by. This chapel’s walls are made almost entirely of clear glass, so those inside have a clear view of the surrounding trees and the beach.

Lloyd Wright, the son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the church in the 1940s, and construction finished in 1951. You can see Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence in the use of geometric designs and the blend between architecture and the natural world. The chapel is on the National Register of Historic Places, and it has been featured in several television shows, such as The O.C. and Revenge.

If you can’t make it to California but love the idea of a glass chapel, you might consider checking out Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This church is also mostly glass, is on the National Register of Historic Places, is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, and has spectacular views. Though it isn’t by the beach, you can enjoy the gorgeous Appalachian forest.

Gores Group Headquarters

The Gores Group is a high-power investment firm, and their headquarters near Beverly Hills, California is unique. What you’ll see is a wall of glass, but instead of flat windows, you’ll see panes of glass that are curved. The building appears to ripple because the curved glass creates a softer appearance than flat glass would.

The building actually has two walls of glass—the interior one gives the occupants privacy. The windows help heat the building with sunlight in the winter, and in the summer fans located just inside the first wall of glass blow hot air up and out of the building, keeping it cool. Don’t miss this distinctive piece of architecture.

Farnsworth House

This glass house was lived in for many years, but now the National Trust for Historic Preservation operates it. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed and built Farnsworth House between 1945 and 1951 for Dr. Edith Farnsworth. She used it for 21 years as a weekend retreat—she entertained guests and worked on her hobbies there. Even then, the house attracted visitors interested in its architecture.

The house has changed hands several times since then, but it is considered to be an important masterpiece. If you are in the Plano, Illinois area, come see this house made almost entirely of glass—and then decide whether or not you would want as many windows as Dr. Farnsworth did.

Christ Cathedral

Christ Cathedral, also called the Crystal Cathedral, is the largest glass building in the world. The cathedral crosses Old World Gothic with postmodernism. You’ll still see the vaulted ceilings and spires you expect in a cathedral, but the mirrored glass looks like a fancy downtown office building.

The cathedral is in Garden Grove, California. Though originally owned by the Reformed Church of America, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in California now owns the building and conducts services there. If you ever visit Orange County, you should check this impressive cathedral out.

IAC Building

InterActiveCorp’s headquarters in Manhattan draw the eye. Barry Diller commissioned architect Frank Gehry to design the building for his company. Diller said he wanted a workspace where his employees “could collaborate and be in an open atmosphere,” so he didn’t want a traditional office building.

He got a one-of-a-kind office building instead. Though covered in glass windows like a typical business, the IAC headquarters is not in the shape of a box. Some sections are pulled out at weird angles, giving it an eccentric modern vibe.

The IAC is a newer building—it was finished in 2007. However, it has already attracted attention. Vanity Fair called it one of the world’s most attractive office buildings. If you live in or visit Manhattan, make sure to take a look.


You may love the look of these unique glass buildings, or you may think that having so many windows would not be ideal for you. You may not want to buy so many window treatments or clean so many windows.

No matter what, you do want to keep the windows you have clean and functional. If you have trouble, contact Ken Caryl Glass. We can help you repair or replace your windows, or we can give you a decorative or energy-efficient upgrade.

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