Into the Light: Benefits of Natural Light and Methods for Increasing Your Exposure

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If you constantly feel tired and depressed, you may not be getting enough natural light. Research shows that natural light is important for your physical and emotional health.

It can be hard to get enough natural light when you work indoors for most of the day. But taking a few key steps can increase the natural light you experience each day.

Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of natural light and how you can increase your exposure at home and work.

Benefitting From Natural Light

Natural light has health benefits that affect many aspects of your life. One study found that light exposure at work led to better sleep quality and more physical activity. Workers who were exposed to more natural light even reported a higher quality of life.

Natural light can also improve emotional health. In fact, medical professionals sometimes recommend light exposure to treat certain emotional disorders. For example, getting enough natural light in the winter can stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Plus, natural light can improve your energy, productivity, and ability to learn. One study examined improvement in students’ test scores. Some of the students had adequate light in their classrooms, and others did not. Amazingly, the students with the most classroom light progressed 26 percent faster on reading tests and 20 percent faster on math tests.

Getting adequate light has financial benefits as well. Natural light can help you rely less on electricity and thus save money on energy costs. Plus, choosing natural light over electricity can help protect the environment.

Increasing Natural Light Exposure

The easiest way to increase natural light exposure is to spend more time outdoors. If you find this difficult with your work schedule, try taking a short break every few hours to walk outside.

Keep in mind that you can increase your light exposure even while you’re indoors. Here are a few ideas.

Add Windows

The office workers in the study about light exposure at work got much of their light exposure from office windows. Workers who worked in offices with windows got 173 percent more white light exposure, which resulted in improved health effects.

If your home or workplace is lacking in windows, ask a glass specialist about adding new windows.

Choose Light Window Treatments

Avoid heavy curtains and drapes and instead choose window treatments made from cotton or linen. Lighter window treatments let more light enter through the windows. Blinds are a good option because they allow you to control the amount of light that enters.

Purchase a Glass Door

Adding a new glass door is a simple way to let sunlight stream into your home or office. Along with exposing workers to natural sunlight, glass doors also give employees a clear view of the outdoors. The beautiful view can boost workers’ morale.

Glass storefronts have a similar effect on employees and customers. Make sure you choose a glass door with security glass to protect from intruders.

Move Furniture

Make sure your furniture doesn’t block sunlight. If it does, move it away from glass windows and doors.

Invest in a Skylight

Skylights have a huge impact on the amount of light in a room. estimates that skylights let in 30 percent more light than windows.

Although skylights are expensive, they can also help you save on electricity bills. You certainly won’t need to turn on the lights as often in a room with a skylight.

Remove Walls

Removing unnecessary walls can help you create a more open space. An open space allows light to spread through your home or office. Consider how you could remodel your space to improve your daily access to light.

Decorate with Mirrors

Since mirrors reflect light, decorating with mirrors can cause light to spread throughout a room. Place mirrors across from as many windows and glass doors as possible.

Addressing the Downsides of Natural Light

While you look forward to flooding your home or office with natural light, you wonder about possible negative effects. Can’t the increased natural light heat up your home in the summer and raise your air conditioning bills? And won’t the natural light cause your furniture to fade?

You can address these negative effects with window film, which blocks harmful UV rays. The film prevents your home from overheating and your furniture from fading. Along with adding window film, you should invest in blinds. You can adjust them so you receive the ideal amount of light exposure.

Use these tips to increase your exposure to natural light throughout the day. Natural light brightens and beautifies your space, and it even increases your health and happiness.

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