Improve the Energy Efficiency of Multifamily Properties With Window Retrofits

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Unlike other types of commercial real estate, multifamily properties come with both commercial and residential considerations. Your property isn’t just an investment — it’s also a place where real people live. One way to improve your multifamily property as both an investment and housing is to add some energy efficiency through window retrofits.

How Energy-Efficient Window Retrofits Can Lower Energy Costs

Energy consumption can represent a huge cost for both tenants and property owners. Even as your tenants deal with utility bills, you must also deal with the costs of running and maintaining the HVAC systems for your multifamily property.

The more comfortable you can make your tenants, the less need they will have to overburden the HVAC systems on the property. In turn, you will have fewer issues with keeping the HVAC systems in good health. Fewer issues can also mean fewer operational and maintenance costs for you to contend with.

In this way, everybody reaps the benefits of even a small amount of added energy efficiency. Window retrofits can provide you with those added savings. This is especially true for many apartment complexes with spaces consisting of less than a handful of windows for each unit. In such cases, the windows represent the prime path for air to enter or escape the apartment.

Yes, you can do a lot more to improve the energy efficiency of the property. However, even one avenue of energy savings can add up when multiplied by time and across several occupied apartments.

How Energy-Efficient Window Retrofits Can Increase Property Value

In the eyes of investors and commercial property buyers, energy efficiency adds value. Even a small window retrofit across the property looks good on paper or talked about as a selling point. The window work alone adds marketability to your property. The greener you can make your property, the better it will do at attracting interested parties.

Energy usage in multifamily properties always represents an issue. You can’t really control how much or how little a single occupant will use a particular utility. The more you can mitigate usage without sacrificing the comfort of your tenant, the more appealing investors will find your property.

Sometimes, investors or commercial real estate buyers will already have some ideas about making the property more energy-efficient. By proactively doing a window retrofit, you can make them feel like you already did some of the work for them.

How Energy-Efficient Window Retrofits Work for Multifamily Properties

A window retrofit can mean any type of window or window upgrade you install into your existing window frames. Many options exist in this space so you can decide on what retrofit option best fits your budget and needs.

Multi-Paned Glazing

If you have single-pane windows in your apartments, a simple upgrade to double panes can make a world of difference. You can even choose triple-pane windows. However, the number of glaze panes only represents part of what makes these retrofits energy-efficient. You’ll need to ascertain what insulating properties you want the windows to have.

Gas Fill Insulation

For energy efficiency, an argon or krypton gas between the panes works to stop heat transfer between the inside and outside environments. Gas-filled is the most common type of insulated window right now.

These windows will work to keep heat inside when the temperature is cold out, and cool air won’t escape when the weather is hot out. The insulation can help people stay comfortable without needing to fully turn up the thermostat or air conditioner.

Window Films, Tints, and Coatings

Various films, tints, and coatings exist for windows. Each of these coating options can present you with different energy-efficiency benefits. Low-E films or coatings can allow sunlight to come through the window while blocking the associated heat and UV. These coatings can work in reverse, allowing light to come in but trapping warmth inside the apartment as well.

Some window films practically work as an additional pane of glass for a window. If your tenants worry about safety, then security film can help to fortify windows while also offering a level of insulation. These coatings, tints, and films can work alone as additions to your current windows.

A window retrofit can do a lot for your commercial multifamily property, but to gain the most benefit, you should work with a reputable glass company. At Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., we have cost-effective and energy-efficient glass options to help you make your tenants happy. Contact us today to find a window glass solution for your multifamily property.

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