How Commercial Glass Replacement Can Reduce Your Business Overhead

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Commercial properties come with ongoing costs that can continue to increase without equal investments in efficiency. You can reduce your overhead in several ways while increasing the value of your commercial property. One major way to accomplish these goals is by replacing your commercial glass. Here are some considerations for upgrading your commercial glass to help you lower overhead costs.

How Overhead Costs Work for Most Businesses

Dealing with overhead costs can become a pain for businesses of any size. It doesn’t help that overhead costs only increase each year for the typical business. Any business growth will almost always come with increased overhead expenses as well.

You need to pay overhead costs whether you’re having a good year or a bad one. Finding solutions to dealing with these costs can make a huge difference, especially during a downturn. One of the largest overhead costs your glass can help with is your utility costs. From there, fringe benefits of those lower utility costs can help to lower other costs as well.

How Commercial Glass Can Help With Overhead Costs

Every business will have different types of overhead when it comes to utility costs, but there are some expenses that most businesses share. Your windows, glass doors, and other parts of your commercial property’s fenestration can have a large effect on the effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems.

If you have older windows and glass at your facility, there’s even a chance those windows are contributing to your utility costs. Older glass often lacks the energy efficiency and green designs of modern commercial glass.

For these and other reasons, you should take a close look at the condition and performance of your current commercial glass. You might find that replacing the glass can do a lot for you and your business. Don’t put this part of your facility management program at the bottom of the list.

Reduce Overhead From Heating and Cooling Expenses

Your heating and cooling systems can contribute greatly to your overall utility expenses. If you have older windows, windows in disrepair, or windows that lack any kind of energy efficiency upgrades, then your windows are causing your HVAC systems to work harder. Those older windows likely contribute to air leaks and lack proper insulation.

Alternatively, your older windows may lack any type of protection from UV and infrared. This is also a situation that can lead to your HVAC system working harder to maintain the indoor atmosphere.

All that extra work adds up to higher utility costs. In addition, your HVAC equipment will suffer increased levels of wear and tear, which will lead to higher maintenance and repair costs.

Investing in commercial window upgrades to replace your current windows can help to lower those costs. Modern commercial windows come with features like:

  • Modern insulation options
  • Lower emissivity ratings
  • Stronger glass material
  • Advanced glazing options

You can have glass that’s stronger, more durable, and able to keep the comfort levels of your facility in check. Modern commercial glass doesn’t just help to even out utility costs; it can also lower those costs to reduce the overhead and leave more funds in your facility’s maintenance budget.

Reduce Overhead From Maintenance and Repair Expenses

The older your windows, the more you will need to spend to keep them maintained. The frames of your windows can deteriorate over time or generally become a nuisance to deal with.

The costs of repairing your windows, re-insulating them, repairing the seals, and any other type of maintenance will only grow. The windows will act against your HVAC system, increasing those costs as well.

Starting over with updated windows can take care of a lot of these issues. You will need to perform less maintenance, and your ongoing maintenance costs will go down as well.

Reduce Various Types of Overhead by Increasing Tenant Comfort

The people in your building will feel the effects of older, outdated windows. They may find the facility too hot or too cold because of them. Tenants may also have a sensitivity to constant temperature fluctuations as your older windows leak the conditioned and your HVAC system tries to replace it.

Tenant discomfort can lead to various additional costs, depending on the nature of your commercial building. For example, in an office building, discomfort can lead to lower productivity, which can lead to various costs. On the other hand, a comfortable employee will increase their productivity which can help to lower many overhead costs such as those that stem from increased absenteeism.

If you own rental units, then you may have tenant complaints, and even an increase in vacancies as people seek more comfortable dwellings. Consider that poor or old glass can also let in a lot more noise and reduce indoor air quality. These things will also lead to discomfort.

Beyond your windows, you should consider all the commercial glass in use at your facility. Upgrades to your entrance doors or other places where you use glass can also help reduce overhead costs for your business while also making your facility greener.

To find out more about the benefits of modern commercial glass, contact the glass professionals at Ken Caryl Glass Inc. today.

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