Glass Shelving A Versatile and Stylish Storage Option

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No matter how much you love your home’s layout and design, you may still run up against one common problem: lack of storage space. Many people tend to accumulate more and more things as the years go by. You may find your collection of must-read books or vacation souvenirs constantly expanding, or perhaps you keep bringing home unique objects from flea market shopping sprees.

If your home lacks place to display or store these items you cherish, consider adding sleek glass shelving in strategic locations around your home. This design feature will increase your storage space and refresh your living spaces.

Design Styles That Pair Well With Glass Shelving

Clear glass shelves can fit into almost any design aesthetic, but they’re particularly suited for the following interior design looks.


This style uses muted blues, yellows, and tans along with rich navy blue and plenty of clean, bright white. With those colors as a surrounding palate, a glass shelf becomes the perfect place to display jars of sand, colorful starfish, or other nautical accessories.


This look is all about clean lines and a minimalist approach, two qualities that glass shelving has in spades. Use glass shelves to display your collection of coffee table books or colorful vases.


If you like to mix and match many different patterns, textures, and colors, you probably use an eclectic style to decorate your home. Glass shelving can add variety to this type of design because it contrasts with plush pillows, colorful fabrics, and natural wood surfaces.

Mid-Century Modern

This type of design was the height of cool in the 1950s and ’60s, and it’s enjoying a resurgence thanks to shows like “Mad Men” that are set in that era. A mid-century modern space should look open and simple, and see-through glass walls and shelves help perfect the final design.


The color palate in a modern living space relies heavily on neutral colors like black, white, gray, brown, and tan. Those dramatic shades pair well with streamlined glass shelves that let objects appear to be almost floating.


You can think of this style as the vibrant version of coastal. It also has a beach-inspired feel, but the colors used are richer and brighter. Glass shelves contrast with the bold base to ensure the overall look still captures that carefree feel of an ocean breeze.

If you don’t see your preferred style listed here, don’t fret. You can almost certainly incorporate glass shelves seamlessly into the design, thanks to the versatility of this shelving option.

Ways to Use Glass Shelves in Various Rooms

Glass shelves also look grand in many rooms in your home. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate them, either into a room that needs an update or throughout your house.


Glass shelving fits into a clean, fresh bathroom atmosphere nicely, especially if you have a sleek glass enclosure around your shower. You can put glass panels in an open pantry and store linens and toiletries on the shelves. You could also place triangular or rounded glass shelves in the shower itself.


If you need more storage in your kitchen but want to retain the open-concept feel, create a hanging room divider with glass shelves in your kitchen. You can display your favorite dishes or crystal glasses. Hanging shelves also let you display decorative items you might not otherwise have room for in a busy kitchen, like vases filled with fresh flowers.


No matter what style you use to decorate, your bedroom should be the coziest room in your house. Give your bedroom a light, airy touch by housing your jewelry, favorite books, or most important heirlooms on hanging shelves. Letting these items sit on glass shelves instead of locking them in cabinets or dresser drawers helps your bedroom reflect your unique personality.

Living Areas

Glass shelves help living rooms feel open and airy instead of dim or cramped. Add floating glass shelves next to your fireplace or along a bare wall, and then display anything from books to family photos to trinkets from your most recent vacation. Whatever you choose, your glass shelves can make your living space feel much homier.


You need your office to look professional and uncluttered. Glass shelves help you keep important items out of the way, but they also lend your office a stately air that can impress clients. Or, if you use a home office, help you stay in the right frame of mind to work. Offices tend to look more cramped than other rooms in your home, and glass shelves help them feel spacious and crisp.


These ideas should get you started—but glass shelves can be used in myriad ways in locations all over your home. If you have a unique idea for your home’s new glass shelving design, get in touch with your local glass expert. With the addition of glass shelves, your home can feel beautiful and breezy, and you’ll enjoy storing more items without making your home look cluttered.  

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