How and Why More Companies Are Prioritizing Green Building

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Green construction is not a new concept. Despite the widespread understanding of eco-friendly concepts, sustainable efforts in the commercial sector have been varied and inconsistent for many years.

However, 2016 and 2017 have shown a distinct trend toward green building of all types, especially in commercial properties. In this blog, we discuss some of the methods companies use to make their buildings more sustainable, as well as the reasons for this shift in construction priorities.

How Companies Make Their Buildings Greener

Green building methods can be used by businesses of all sizes on properties of practically any type, from warehouses to office buildings. These methods generally involve either retrofitting existing buildings or innovating in new construction design.

Existing Buildings

Many business owners, especially those running small businesses or startups, aren’t in a position to commission brand new premises that use green construction design. These business owners may work to make their facilities more sustainable by:

  • Improving wall and ceiling insulation
  • Installing updated climate control systems
  • Optimizing their plumbing by installing low-flow devices
  • Placing window films that reduce heat transfer
  • Replacing door and window glass with low-E, tinted or insulated panes

The retrofitting measures available may depend on the architecture of the building and existing systems.

In addition to physical building changes, business owners may also change their practices to make their companies more eco-friendly. For example, you may decide to use green cleaning supplies, recycle your paper waste and program your thermostat in a more energy-saving way.

New Construction

Engineers and designers work tirelessly to create stronger, more efficient buildings, including commercial properties. Some of the newest innovations include smart glass that detects the level of heat transfer and transitions between clear and tinted to improve interior climate control and built-in solar panels.

Why More American Companies Are Focusing on Sustainability

The primary goal of green building is obviously a decrease in the impact of everyday commercial activities on the local and global environment. However, many business owners are prioritizing green building for the following reasons as well.

Creates Better Workplaces

As sustainable commercial buildings become more common, employees and researchers alike are finding that eco-friendly workplaces are also more employee-friendly. For example, those green cleaning supplies we mentioned in the previous section are shown to reduce employee allergies and respiratory issues.

Green building methods can also make more facilities more comfortable and therefore more welcoming and conducive to productivity. For example, high-quality glass that optimizes climate control means your employees are less likely to be overly cold or hot during the workday.

Encourages Innovation

In order to keep your company competitive and moving forward, you must think innovatively about your business model and practices. Using innovation in your construction can stimulate creativity and new approaches in other areas of business as well.

One of the ways to emphasize innovation as you work toward more sustainable premises is to solicit ideas from your employees and set up committees for improving your overall efficiency.

As you set up a recycling program, create new ways to keep your break room eco-friendly and educate your employees on energy-saving electricity practices, you get your workers thinking outside the box and beyond the status quo.

These first steps could eventually lead to more efficiency in the way you make deliveries, create products and more.

Improves Image

As a business owner, you understand that customers respond well to companies who care. You may work with local charities, sponsor a sports team or otherwise invest in your community.

When you make the effort to create a sustainable company, you may also have the added benefit of revitalizing your image and creating more loyal customers.

Saves Money

One of the most persuasive reasons to change any business is that the alterations lead to lower expenditures and higher profits. While your primary purpose in going green may not be and perhaps should not be a financial one, many businesses experience this benefit when implementing green initiatives.

You may save money on your heating and cooling costs, water usage and power bill by making your facilities more sustainable. In some cases, you may even be able to offset the expenses related to retrofitting or new construction through grants, government loans or tax breaks offered to green businesses.

Additionally, instituting eco-friendly policies can save you money on your day-to-day business needs. For example, low-paper policies and a good recycling program could reduce your paper consumption levels and the related costs.

Are you looking for ways to make your company more sustainable, both in terms of profits and environmental impact? Start with one of the simplest and most effective eco-friendly construction measures: high-quality door and window glass designed with efficiency in mind.

Discuss your options with the glass experts at Ken Caryl Glass to join the movement toward greener commercial buildings today.

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