Clever Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

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As you get ready for the day, perform your daily tasks, and go to bed, you probably don’t take the time to ponder the value of mirrors. But you most likely use mirrors more than you realize—when you do your hair, brush your teeth, apply make-up, shave your face, and decide what to wear. Even when you leave the house, you still rely on mirrors to safely drive your car.

Imagine getting ready for a big presentation at work without a large mirror in your bathroom. Sure, you can attempt to use your phone’s screen or another shiny surface for reflection, but that just won’t cut it.

It’s safe to say that mirrors play a vital role in your life’s comfort and functionality. They allow you to clearly see yourself and the things you do. But mirrors offer much more than this. If you’ve never thought that custom or decorative mirrors would be necessary for your home’s appearance or your personal lifestyle, think again.

Advantages of Custom Mirrors and Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors provide numerous perks that promote unique, home-boosting benefits.

With some cleverness and ingenuity, you can harness the previously untapped potential of mirrors in a way that complements your home’s style and your preferences. In addition to helping you get ready for the day or for bed, custom and decorative mirrors:

  • Enhance interior design
  • Generate more space
  • Bring in light
  • Facilitate physical activities

If you want these features in your home but you don’t know where to start, consider the following ideas.

1. Replace or Complement Pictures and Artwork with a Mirror

When you want to make a bold or elegant statement in your home, mirrors act as a great aesthetic option. If you need a finishing touch on your living room wall, put up a round mirror in a dark metal or wood frame. A modern mirror like this adds contrast and livelihood to an area that might be dominated by either too much plain color or too many pictures.

Or, do you own a large hutch with empty space in the middle? Fill the void with a mirror to add variety and depth. If it’s far enough away from your bathroom, the mirror also acts as another convenient place to check out your reflection.

2. Position a Mirror to Make Your Rooms Feel Larger

Mirrors offer more than a place to check your hair—they perform a number of handy tricks. For example, you can create the illusion of a larger, more open room with a well-placed mirror. If you’re not worried about spending the money, consider a wall covered in mirrors.

A mirror wall will reflect the entire room—whether it’s a dark den, small dining room, or windowless bathroom. This reflection causes the room to feel twice as large. This particular route works best if your house contains small or cramped rooms.

If you don’t want to break the bank, try putting a smaller, framed mirror on a wall as if it were in the place of a window. This will connect your home’s interior space to the openness of the outside world, especially when done in rooms or hallways that feel claustrophobic.

Remember that the strategic placement of a mirror will generate either subtle or drastic impressions of space.

3. Let a Mirror Invoke More Light

Use a mirror’s reflective quality to your advantage when you want more light in your home. Whether you require more natural light from outside or greater illumination from a lamp, you can count on a mirror to deliver the desired result.

For more artificial light, simply place a mirror near a lamp or light fixture to bounce the radiated light around a room. If natural light appeals more to your homeowner inclinations, place a mirror on a wall directly opposite a large window. This will allow the mirror to reflect the sunlight from the opposite window and cast even more light into your room.

 4. Create a Mirrored Home Gym

If you love to keep your body in shape but prefer to exercise in an indoor gym, think about the impact a mirrored wall makes.

Translate the experience of working out to your own home by creating your own personal gym space. Cover the walls with mirrors to enhance your regimen and liven up the room. The mirrored wall will also provide you immediate visual feedback while you exercise—you can see your progress and check your form.

Unlock the Power of the Mirror

This list includes just some of many benefits of mirrors. Remember these ideas when your home needs a quick fix or major overhaul. You can adorn your empty wall, open up your office, attain a brighter dining room, or upgrade your home gym.

With mirrors, decorative or custom, you can make a big change in your home with a small amount of work.

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