Business Window Film Options & Their Unique Benefits

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If you are not yet ready to invest in new business windows, then it is important to know that you can improve the function and appearance of your windows just by having the right window film applied to them. However, you may be overwhelmed by your window film options, since there are many on the market today that each offer unique benefits.

Read on to learn which window film is best for your business windows.

Make Your Building More Eco-Friendly

If your main goal is to improve the energy efficiency of your building to help make it more eco-friendly, then consider Thinsulate window film. If you have heard of the many benefits of low-E glass, then you will be happy to hear that you can obtain the benefits of low-E glass by having Thinsulate window film applied to your building’s windows.

Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass has an invisible metallic coating on or inside of it that reflects heat away from a building’s windows in the summer while reflecting heat back into the building in the winter. This helps keep your building warm in the winter while using less heat and keep it cooler in the summer while running your business air conditioning system less.

This doesn’t only help the environment by reducing your business’s energy consumption, but it can also help lower your heating and cooling bills.

Thinsulate window film contains metallic particles similar to those that low-E glass contains and can insulate your building almost as well as low-E glass can. Depending on the U-value of a low-E window, it can reflect from 80 to 98 percent of a room’s heat back into it in the winter.

Low-E window films like Thinsulate can reflect up to about 93 percent of a room’s heat back into the room in the winter. This coating also reflects the sun’s UV rays away from the glass all year long.

Improve Building Security

If your business has been broken into in the past, you’ll be glad to learn that there are multiple window films that can help prevent break-ins.

If burglars entered your building by breaking a window, then consider having a safety & security window film installed. Even if a criminal manages to break the window glass, this thick film holds the glass together after it has been broken. Since this window film is tear-resistant, entry into the building is extremely difficult, even when the glass is broken.

While many burglars plan their break-ins, others do not and simply choose to break into a building when they see high-value items sitting right next to windows. If you have valuable objects in your office that you simply cannot move away from windows, then a reflective window film can help limit the view of those expensive objects from the exterior of your building.

When glancing at windows covered with reflective film, would-be thieves will see only a reflection of themselves and other objects outside instead of the expensive objects inside. When they don’t know there are expensive items inside your building, they may simply walk past it and not bother breaking in.

Eliminate Sun Glare

If your employees experience glare on their computer screens when working in daylight hours, then you should consider glare-control window film. Computer screen glare cannot only decrease the productivity of your employees, but it can also lead to them experiencing severe eye strain. This eye strain can cause them to develop headaches and even short-term vision problems.

While virtually all tinted window films that filter light transmission will help control sun glare, there are films that are specially made to reduce glare. A night vision window film is a great option when you need superior window glare reduction. These films have low interior reflectivity, which reduces glare on computer screens and televisions.

Night vision window films allow up to 65 percent of the sun’s light in during the day, so don’t worry that you have to make your office dark to reduce glare.

Reduce Furniture and Fabric Fading

If you operate a retail clothing store, consider window films that help prevent fabric fading. These films can also prevent fading of furniture, carpeting, and artwork in businesses of all types.

While there are many factors that contribute to the fading of furnishings and fabrics, window film can control the main three factors that cause fading: UV rays, visible light, and solar heat. To minimize fading, choose a film that offers superior UV ray protection, blocks a large amount of heat, and has at least a slight tint to reduce the amount of sunlight your furnishings and fabrics are exposed to.

If you would like to improve both the function and appearance of your existing windows, then keep these tips in mind when deciding which window film is the best option for your business. Don’t forget that you can mix and match window films to obtain the unique window film benefits you desire in each room of your business or even on each individual window.

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