Six Essentials for Your Minimalist Bathroom Design

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Minimalist design has become incredibly popular over the last few decades. It’s an architectural movement focused on simplicity and the elimination of clutter. Rooms are stripped down to just their key elements, lines are made as clean and concise as possible, and colors are kept to a minimum. Though minimalist design can certainly be employed in any room, it’s especially popular in bathrooms where homeowners really want that fresh, crisp feeling. 

If you’re thinking of designing a minimalist bathroom in your home, here are six key elements to include.

A Savvy Homeowner’s Guide to Window Screen Maintenance

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When you perform outdoor home maintenance, you may spend more time on your siding than on your window screens. Because window screens don’t need constant refinishing or replacement like some of your other outdoor elements do, you may forget about them entirely.

However, well-maintained window screens are essential to keep your home beautiful and protect your household from insect infestations, debris, and excess heat.

In this blog, we discuss the importance of healthy screens, common types of screen damage, and ways to keep your screens functional.

Protect Your Home—Including Your Windows—From Wildfires

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October isn’t the typical time for Colorado homeowners to think about wildfires. However, the summer of 2016 wasn’t exactly a typical summer. With higher-than-normal temperatures and drought-like conditions in many parts of the West, parts of Colorado are still in danger of wildfires.

Although the winter should bring a welcome respite, Colorado’s fall might be a little touch and go in terms of fires. For instance, in mid-October of this year, the Junkins Fire burned down two homes and forced hundreds of southern Colorado residents to flee. As of October 18th, the fire still wasn’t out. This fire came on the heels of several major wildfires in July 2016.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your home safe from any future wildfires. Starting this fall, make a solid plan to keep wildfires away from your house and learn what to do if a wildfire does strike any time of year. Along with talking about your landscape, we’ll talk specifically about your glass, including how it can protect you in a fire and how you can restore it if a fire does occur.

Need to Replace Your Windows? Look for These 7 Signs

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Whether you’ve recently purchased your home or you’ve lived in it for years, one fact remains certain: you love the property. Your home is more than just a place you live. It’s a place where you have made or will make memories.

You want to continue having good experiences in your home, so you do your best to care for the entire property. You clear weeds out of the yard, and you landscape the outside so it looks pleasing and incredible. You plan to update the exterior paint. And you even want to add a few pieces of patio furniture to give your home that extra touch.

But have you thought about including your home’s windows in your efforts?

Love Windows? Visit These Glass Buildings

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You love the natural light your windows let in, and you love your view through them. Generally, having a lot of big windows can make your home feel more spacious and comfortable. However, can you have too many windows? Would you want to live in a glass house?

This blog will tell you about buildings in the United States that are mostly made of glass. It’s up to you whether you love or hate them, but they are definitely worth seeing if you are ever nearby.

6 Benefits of Skylights

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There’s nothing like having adequate natural light in the home. The white sunlight during the day can give a room a comfortable, refreshing glow, and having enough light while doing focused tasks can save your eyes a lot of strain.

One of the best ways to let natural light into your home is through skylights. Being at a more optimal position than regular windows, skylights allow more natural light into the room and can improve the appearance of a space.

But while natural light is always a plus, is it worth installing a few skylights? If you’ve been considering a skylight or two in your home, read on to discover six of the benefits a skylight can provide.

Glass Shelving A Versatile and Stylish Storage Option

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No matter how much you love your home’s layout and design, you may still run up against one common problem: lack of storage space. Many people tend to accumulate more and more things as the years go by. You may find your collection of must-read books or vacation souvenirs constantly expanding, or perhaps you keep bringing home unique objects from flea market shopping sprees.

If your home lacks place to display or store these items you cherish, consider adding sleek glass shelving in strategic locations around your home. This design feature will increase your storage space and refresh your living spaces.

8 Amazing Advantages of Window Film

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Do you wonder if you can get more from the windows and glass at your home or office building? Maybe you’ve heard about recent advancements in energy-efficient windows, or perhaps you’re curious if you could make your property safer with a more durable glass type.

If your budget is holding you back from buying brand-new glass, consider adding window film instead. This product comes in many types and can add numerous upgrades to your building for a fraction of the price of new glass. Check out these eight amazing advantages you can get from window film.

Smash! 3 Steps to Take After a Window Breaks (And Before the Repairman Arrives)

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Every homeowner both immediately recognizes and inherently dreads the sound of shattering glass that indicates a broken window. Even a single shattered pane can make your home vulnerable to injury, theft, or the elements.

Whether the window breaks during a storm or a backyard baseball game, you must take steps to minimize other damage and protect your home and family until you can have repairs made.

Immediately after a window breaks, clear the area and check any family members or pets for injuries. Then, arrange for a replacement pane with your trusted glass repair person.

After you take these preliminary steps, use the three strategies below to tide your household over until the new pane is securely in place.

Where and How to Use Glass in Your Home’s Design

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Glass. It’s ever-present in today’s society, and you use it more than you probably realize.

It allows you to feel like part of the great outdoors while shielding you from harsh weather conditions. It brightens up any room and offers an elegant feel to an interior design. It enhances the beauty of flower arrangements, vintage photographs, and other home decor.

Glass offers a variety of benefits—it is multipurpose, strong, attractive, and easy to maintain. It is available in almost any shape, color, and style. But even with all these benefits, you might wonder if glass is right for your interior design. The answer to that question is: yes!

Because of its versatility and innate beauty, glass pairs well with any and all home designs. Whether you’re building a new home or just redesigning one room, glass is the perfect way to liven up your interior space.

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