4 Tips for Burglar-Resistant Commercial Window Design

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If you own or manage a business, then you need to take every step you can to prevent break-ins and robberies. In the year 2018 alone, over 21,000 homes and businesses in the state of Colorado were broken into. An additional 4,000 robberies occurred where innocent people were harmed or threatened by criminals, and almost 40 percent of these robberies took place in commercial locations.

How Commercial Glass Replacement Can Reduce Your Business Overhead

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Commercial properties come with ongoing costs that can continue to increase without equal investments in efficiency. You can reduce your overhead in several ways while increasing the value of your commercial property. One major way to accomplish these goals is by replacing your commercial glass. Here are some considerations for upgrading your commercial glass to help you lower overhead costs.

4 Ways Window Upgrades Protect the Interior of Your Business

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Window and glass installations are a key part of many businesses. Glass lets natural light in and allows customers to see inside the business. Large window displays offer ideal ways to advertise and showcase business products. The windows and glass installations at your business should also offer a lot of protection.

Older window installations may not offer the same protection as newer windows. Upgraded features will help protect the interior of your business in a variety of ways. In the long run, you could save a lot of money and prevent all kinds of damage due to older and poor window installations.

Learn about the various ways modern window upgrades will help protect the interior of your business while providing new and durable products.

All About Window Films for Business Owners

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Many years ago, window glass was not very efficient. Today, window tinting has changed window performance in commercial buildings. Window tinting can increase efficiency, privacy, and comfort in commercial structures. The more you know about window tinting, the easier it will be to make smart choices about your window glass upgrade or replacement. Here is what you need to know.

5 Ways New Storefront Glass Installations Can Help Increase Profits

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When companies rely on brick and mortar business to stay in operation, one thing they want to do is to ensure customers walk through the door. One way to help improve the look of your business and invite more customers inside is with glass storefront installations.

Large glass storefronts come with many advantages, but for a business owner, one of the main advantages to consider is an increase in profits. After the installation of new storefront glass for your business, you could see profits increase in multiple ways that allow your business to thrive.

Reasons to Get New Windows After Buying a Home

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Buying a home is one of the biggest personal investments many people make. Not only is it a sizable financial investment, but it is also an investment in a way of life and the peace of mind that comes from owning one’s residence. Things such as old windows can really bring the look and feel of a home down. Consider why you need new windows for your new home.

Ways Your Old Windows Decrease Quality of Life

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Old windows can decrease quality of life in your home in a variety of ways. Often, the problems created by old windows are subtle, and homeowners are not even aware of the many ways their old windows impact them. Understand the ways in which your home and life can be improved by installing new windows so that you can take care of yourself and your property.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Multifamily Properties With Window Retrofits

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Unlike other types of commercial real estate, multifamily properties come with both commercial and residential considerations. Your property isn’t just an investment — it’s also a place where real people live. One way to improve your multifamily property as both an investment and housing is to add some energy efficiency through window retrofits.

Quick Guide to Window Film

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If your windows are in decent shape, outfit the glass with a specialty window film. Window films are available in multiple shades, thicknesses, and styles to suit residential or commercial applications. Here are some quick facts about window films.

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