A Guide to Hurricane Windows and High Winds in Colorado

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Last spring, high winds caused considerable damage throughout Colorado. Thousands of people and businesses lost power, large trees toppled over roadways, and fires were fanned by the strong gusts that reached speeds up to 80 miles per hour.

If you’re replacing the windows in a commercial building in Colorado, high-impact or hurricane glass is a good choice to consider. Hurricane-resistant glass protects people and assets in wind-prone areas. Here’s what you need to know about high wind and windows in Colorado.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Home’s Window Glass

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Your home may be a lovely haven from the outside world, but any house is a work in progress. You can always make improvements, and both the outdoor and indoor areas of your home need regular maintenance. If you think you may need new glass in your house’s windows, these signs should confirm that it’s time to have replacement glass installed.

4 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Windows

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Summer is often the time that people plan home improvement projects. It’s also a great time to work on maintaining your home’s windows. Windows are often neglected, and as a result, they can deteriorate or lose efficiency, especially if you have older windows.

Don’t take your windows for granted. Spend some time this summer making small repairs and replacements so that your glass is ready for the seasons to change again. Consider these five window maintenance tips as your guide. 

How Do Energy-Efficient Windows Actually Work?

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Whenever you hear about ways to go green, save on utilities, or increase interior climate comfort, windows are at the top of the list of things to change.

People with older homes may blame single-pane windows for drafts and increased energy bills. People with newer homes may wish for better window design or for more expensive windows instead of builder-grade, double-pane vinyl windows.

10 Things to Consider Before You Decide on Window Enlargement

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When you tackle your own renovations, you may assume that window enlargement is the ideal solution for brightening up your living spaces. But while window enlargement is possible and often offers dramatic results, the process is complex.

In this blog, we discuss 10 factors that will inform your decision on whether or not to include window enlargement in your dream home design.

The Small Office: How Adding Glass Will Maximize Your Business

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If you only have a small office to work with, you need to optimize it for the best possible business output. The way you design your office space is more important than the amount of space you have to work with. Office sizes continue to shrink as real estate costs rise in major urban areas, so you need to consider different approaches to the design and usage of your workspace.

Adding glass to your office design is more than just decorative. Glass can actually become an essential feature that improves your employee productivity and the modern appearance of your business to customers and clients. Here are ways that updating your small space with glass will help maximize your business in a small office space.

Business Window Film Options & Their Unique Benefits

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If you are not yet ready to invest in new business windows, then it is important to know that you can improve the function and appearance of your windows just by having the right window film applied to them. However, you may be overwhelmed by your window film options, since there are many on the market today that each offer unique benefits.

Read on to learn which window film is best for your business windows.

FAQs About Window Condensation

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Window condensation is a common problem in homes during the winter months, especially in states with cold winters like Colorado. Knowing what causes window condensation, whether or not window condensation is bad for your windows and what you can do about window condensation, can help you take care of your windows.

The answers to some of these frequently asked questions can help you understand window condensation, so you can address the problem if necessary.

10 Ways to Use Glass in Your Office Design

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Whether you’re a business owner or you’re a new partner at your firm, the design of your office can affect your workday. The right office design can maximize your productivity, make your clients feel welcome and help you feel more at home at work.

As you decide on your final design, materials matter as much as shapes and styles. One of the most distinct, sleek and chic materials options is glass.

In this blog, we list 10 ways that glass can make your office design more beautiful, professional and upscale.

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