Birds Keep Hitting Your Window Glass? What To Do

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Many homeowners, at some point or another, will have the experience of sitting indoors and hearing a bird flying into a window. This problem commonly occurs in homes with large picture windows that are positioned to reflect the sky or the landscape around the house.

Although it doesn’t happen frequently, some windows seem to have this problem more than others. Your home may be especially vulnerable to this problem if your home is in a wooded area with many birds.

This experience can be startling and upsetting for people and sometimes fatal for birds. Know what you can do to prevent this problem to help you avoid a broken window and injured bird.

Prevent the Problem from Occurring

Birds tend to fly into windows when reflections on the window make them believe they’re flying into another part of the landscape. Prevent this from happening by either preventing the window from reflecting the landscape, or by placing something in front of the window to disrupt the reflection and signal to the bird that something there is blocking their path.

Decals and Window Markers

Even if a bird cannot see a window, it can see decals on the window. Birds view decals as an obstruction, and will fly away to avoid them. Place easy to remove decals on your windows to deter birds. If you’re not sure what kind of decals to use, try holiday decals or window decals that have been specifically designed to deter birds.

If you want to customize the design on the window, create a drawing with window markers to create a visual obstruction that will prevent birds from flying into a window. Window markers are designed to be safe for glass and can be used to draw a picture or write a slogan on the window.

Non-Reflective Film

If you’re seeking a more professional, sophisticated way to deter birds from your window, install a non-reflective, bird-deterring film on the outside of the window. Non-reflective bird-deterring film appears cloudy white from the outside of the house, but allows homeowners to see out of their windows from inside the house.

Before having this installed on your home’s window glass, contact an expert to find out what this will look like on your home. If you do decide to have this installed on your windows, have it done by a professional.

Remove Bird-Attracting Features

Remove any bird feeders and bird baths around your home, or place them farther away from your windows. Doing this should cut back on the number of birds flying around your house and thus may prevent your windows from becoming such an obvious target.

Clean the Glass Safely

After a bird has hit a window, you may see a whitish film in the spot where the bird impacted the glass. This oily shape comes from the bird’s feathers and natural oils.

To clean this off of your windows, use glass-safe window cleaner. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and alcohol-based cleaners. This is especially important if your window glass is covered in a low-e coating or window tinting. There are many different commercial glass cleaners available on the market, but you can use warm water and vinegar mixed together, or you can use water mixed with dish soap.

If your window glass is fairly new, check with the manufacturer’s warranty to find out if there are any recommended cleaners or if there are any cleaners that you should specifically avoid.

Repair Broken Glass

If a bird happens to crack or even break your window glass, get it fixed right away even if the crack seems small. A broken window can be a liability that could lead to accidents and injuries. If you don’t make the repair, the next bird could break all the way through the glass and into your home!

Have your window glass fixed by an expert to ensure that the glass is fixed properly. If birds hit your window frequently, talk to your window repair person to find out about adding a security film to the glass. Security film strengthens the window.

These films are typically used in homes to prevent burglars from breaking the glass. Security film can also be used to protect your windows from falling or flying objects like hail, flying debris, baseballs and birds. Your window glass expert can give you a quote for protecting your window and can also make other suggestions for maintaining your windows.

Want more ideas about what you can do to protect your windows from birds? Talk to a glass or window expert. At Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., we’re happy to answer your questions about window glass, fortifying glass, and protecting glass from flying birds. To find out more about what you can do to have beautiful and functional glass for your windows, contact us today.

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