9 Ways to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

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Maximizing natural light in the home is a good way to stage your property and generally improve the aesthetics inside your house. On the other hand, a lack of natural light can be depressing and demotivating, creating an unpleasant atmosphere inside your home.

Whether you’re redecorating or just looking for ways to make your house more pleasant on the inside, maximizing natural light can help. You can do this in many different ways. Learn what you need to know about making your home’s interior more beautiful by maximizing light indoors.


  1. Replace Tinted Window Glass

If you have tinted glass installed in your windows, now is the time to have that glass replaced. Tinted glass darkens the inside of the room just a little bit by limiting the amount of visible light that comes in through the window. Many homeowners install tinted glass to prevent UV rays from entering the home, but there’s a better way to achieve this if the tinting makes the house too dark.

Low-E coatings are untinted, but they block UV rays just like tinted glass. Like tinted windows, low-E glass prevents the interior of the home from heating up during the summer. As a bonus, low-E coatings also prevent heat from escaping the home through the windows during the winter. Have your tinted window glass replaced with low-E glass as soon as possible, especially in parts of the house that are north- and east-facing, as these rooms are naturally darker anyway.


  1. Keep the Windows and Screens Clean

Dirt blocks sunlight and prevents natural light from entering the home. Keeping the windows and screens clean can help maximize the amount of light that enters your home. To wash your windows, use a combination of vinegar and water with a squeegee. To clean your screens, vacuum them inside and out with a vacuum attachment.


  1. Cut Back Shrubs to Allow Light to Enter

Shrubs that are grown directly outside a window can block the glass with time. Even just a little bit of overgrowth can put portions of your home’s interior into shade. You can stop this from happening by trimming back your shrubs and keeping them that way.


  1. Remove Furnishings That Block Windows

Just as shrubs block light from the outside, interior furnishings can block light from the inside. Re-arrange or move furniture to prevent it from blocking light in your home.


  1. Take Down Your Old Covered Patio

This may sound drastic, but removing an old covered patio is an excellent way to allow more light into the home if there are windows that face into that patio. Even just removing the window screens inside the patio can lighten and brighten the home’s interior. If you like your covered patio and want to keep it more or less as-is, talk to an electrician about getting electrical lights installed inside your patio to keep your patio and home brighter and more cheerful.


  1. Replace Foggy Window Glass

Dual-pane or triple-pane windows can fog up if the seal between the panes becomes broken or compromised. This blocks natural light and makes it harder to see outside. Replace foggy window glass to enable all the possible natural light to enter the home.


  1. Install Larger Windows in Dark Rooms

Sometimes rooms are dark because the windows are just too small. This is a common problem in rooms with northern and eastern exposures because these tend to be the darkest sides of the house. Rooms that face north and east need bigger windows.

The best way to ensure that you get the most light possible is to install a bay window which protrudes out into the yard. These windows give maximum exposure to sun while also providing an excellent spot to sit and relax.


  1. Install Smart Blinds or Smart Shades

Smart blinds and smart shades are one of the many products that have hit the market in recent years. Smart blinds and shades can be programmed to raise and lower or open and close according to the wishes of the homeowner.

If you install these blinds or shades in your home, you can program them to open when daylight begins and to close when daylight fades. These smart products are an excellent tool because they maximize the amount of light that comes into the home during the day while providing automatic privacy at night when people usually want their blinds or shades closed.


  1. Work With Your Window Glass Expert

Working with your window glass expert is an excellent way to ensure that your windows have the best glass for maximizing natural light in your house. At Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., we’re happy to answer any more questions you might have about how to maximize natural light in your home. Contact us today for more information.

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