8 Amazing Advantages of Window Film

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Do you wonder if you can get more from the windows and glass at your home or office building? Maybe you’ve heard about recent advancements in energy-efficient windows, or perhaps you’re curious if you could make your property safer with a more durable glass type.

If your budget is holding you back from buying brand-new glass, consider adding window film instead. This product comes in many types and can add numerous upgrades to your building for a fraction of the price of new glass. Check out these eight amazing advantages you can get from window film.

1. Reduce Exposure to Damaging Solar Rays

Most people love that windows let natural light into living and working spaces. But you might not love that some of the sun’s rays can be harmful to your skin.

Luckily, some types of window film allow you to block skin-damaging UVA and UVB rays while still letting visible light get in. Invest in this type of window film if you frequently sit near sunny, open windows so you can protect your skin.

2. Prevent Fabrics and Carpets From Fading

The sun’s strongest rays can also cause detrimental effects to your possessions. Curtains, upholstery, carpets, and other colored fabrics often fade if they sit in direct sunlight that streams through windows.

The same window films that protect your skin can also ensure that fabrics retain their vibrant colors. Ask a glass expert to install these films near your favorite sofa or in your professionally decorated office so your furniture and carpet hold onto their value.

3. Enhance Security

Do you think of windows as one of the most vulnerable parts of your property? You may worry about burglars entering your office after breaking a window or extreme weather conditions leaving shattered glass all over your front room.

Amazingly, some window films can reinforce your glass enough to minimize these security risks. If a force attempts to break the glass, the window film keeps the glass in place—and the intruder or debris out. This type of film also makes broken glass clean-up safer, since the individual shards will stick to the film rather than falling and becoming a sharp hazard.

4. Enjoy More Privacy

Even if you love the large windows in your home or office, you might feel weird that other people can look right into your private space through the glass. In this case, use window film to tint windows so that you can see out but others can’t look in. Most privacy films still let in plenty of outside light, so you won’t sacrifice that benefit when your glass professional attaches the films.

5. Protect Glass From Vandalism

Some of the most astonishing window films are designed as anti-graffiti protection. This type of window film serves as a protective layer for the glass underneath. If anyone uses graffiti, paint, or another marking material on your windows, you can simply remove the anti-graffiti film and attach a new one. The glass underneath remains in perfect condition.

Anti-graffiti films are a great investment for public or commercial buildings, especially if you’ve already had to replace windows damaged by vandalism.

6. Keep Glass Scratch-Free

At your residence, you probably don’t worry much about graffiti damaging your glass. However, you know your windows might get scratched over time. Anti-graffiti window films can also protect your windows from scratches, scrapes, and other external damage. Again, you can remove and replace the film when it shows too much wear and tear, saving yourself the cost of replacing the actual glass.

7. Improve Temperature Control Inside

Energy efficiency has been a big buzzword in property ownership during the last decade. The glass in any building does have a large effect on the temperature inside, but you don’t have to buy entirely new windows if you want to make your glass more energy efficient.

Exterior window films reflect many of the sun’s rays back outdoors. They stop that extra heat from entering your home and altering the temperature inside. Window film maker 3M reports that these films reduce cooling costs by up to 30%.

8. Create a Clearer View

Do you get annoying glares on your computer or TV screens during the day? Window film can resolve that problem too. Many high-quality window films let natural light stream into a room while reducing the glare that light creates on other reflective surfaces. These films allow you to enjoy your screen time and the sunshine at the same time.


Are you ready to install window films at your home or office? Talk to a glass expert about your options. These professionals can help you select the appropriate product for your needs, and they’ll often apply it to your windows as well.

For more tips on how to make the most of your glass, read our other blog posts. 

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