7 Signs You Should Replace Your Commercial Windows

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Beautiful and functional windows enhance your business’s aesthetics, keep occupants comfortable, increase energy efficiency, and offer a competitive edge. Nevertheless, your windows wear out after years of use, which affects their appearance and functionality. Learn seven signs you should replace your commercial windows.

1. Skyrocketing Energy Bill

Windows play a vital role to reduce your building’s energy bills and to increase efficiency and sustainability. While numerous factors, including faulty HVAC systems, can cause high energy bills, old and inefficient windows can also be the culprit.

Old windows allow the cold in during the winter and the heat in during the summer. For instance, these windows allow heat gain during hot summer months, thus forcing your AC to work harder and use more energy to cool air. Subsequently, your business’s energy bills surge.

If you notice a substantial hike in your business’s energy bills for no apparent reason, it may be time to upgrade your windows. Opt for high-efficiency windows for optimal energy savings and temperature control.

2. Loud Outside Noise

Consider replacing your commercial windows if they allow noise in from outside. This is particularly important for commercial buildings hosting offices and restaurants where noise can disrupt employees and customers. Also, businesses in high-traffic areas can benefit from upgraded windows.

Soundproof windows can help to significantly reduce noise coming from outside, thus providing quieter and more relaxing business spaces. If these windows are not an option for you, consider installing window inserts and sealing gaps along windows for soundproofing.

3. Dilapidated Windows

Dilapidated windows dampen the curb appeal and value of your commercial property. They also ruin people’s first impression of your business location, deterring customers and investors. Therefore, when your windows look bad, consider repairing or replacing them. Although repainting or cleaning the windows can improve aesthetics, it is a short-term solution that will require more maintenance in the future.

4. Air Leaks

One reason to install windows is to protect your building from harsh weather elements. However, when wind, rain, and heat come through your windows, this defeats the purpose of the windows.

Cold air and water getting into your office is not only annoying but can also cause mold issues. Mold is problematic for any commercial building and results in significant health problems, structural issues, and property damage. Therefore, consider calling a professional to fix any leaks in your windows or replace them altogether.

5. Malfunctioning Windows

An obvious sign your commercial windows need replacing is that the windows are difficult to operate. If your windows don’t open and close correctly, they can be problematic. They can also be a weak security point and fail to protect your property from weather elements. Replace windows, especially those beyond repair, to maintain their functionality.

6. Damaged Window Frames

Window frames are crucial to the operation of windows as they hold the panes in place. With time and exposure to weather, frames sustain substantial damage and other signs of wear. Wood frames, for instance, may chip, decay, and crack when exposed to moisture and heavy rains.

Replacing windows with damaged frames is vital. Buildings in areas with severe weather should consider high-impact windows because they can withstand immense pressure and extreme weather. Also, for maximum resistance to weather, choose sturdy and durable window frame materials such as aluminum and vinyl.

7. Recurrent Repairs

While it is normal to repair your windows once in a while, constant and costly repairs call for new windows. As windows age, they may require more repairs since they are outdated and don’t meet window safety and quality standards. The cost of purchasing new windows may be less than the accumulated costs of recurrent repairs.

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