7 Reasons to Install Energy-Efficient Windows on Commercial Buildings

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One way to significantly raise a commercial property’s value is by enhancing its energy efficiency. Going green with energy-efficient windows will ultimately save you money due to reduced energy consumption if you are a commercial building owner.

In addition to lowering the operating costs, it can also raise your asset value and enhance tenant retention. Discover seven compelling reasons why you should not hesitate to install energy-efficient windows on your commercial property.

1. Reduced Repair and Maintenance Costs

Just like the windows in homes, commercial property windows also need routine maintenance. If your windows have seen better days and constantly need repairs and replacement, then you may want to switch to cost-effective, energy-efficient windows for your commercial building.

This will save you money eventually since subsequent repairs and maintenance costs will be low. The energy-efficient commercial windows also have low condensation, which means no mold buildup and reduced maintenance costs.

2. Low Operating Costs

In most cases, energy efficiency for commercial windows is hardly a priority, especially when you have more urgent things to attend to. This should not be the case because frequent window maintenance often increases operating costs.

Think about the costs you incur due to the leaky seals of your windows or cooling and heating expenses. Installing energy-efficient windows on your property will eliminate or minimize some of these costs. All you need to do is talk to a design expert who will help you figure out the best energy-efficient glass window for your specific needs.

3. High Property Value

Increase your property’s value by replacing traditional windows with energy-efficient commercial windows. Studies indicate that energy-efficient properties usually enjoy a higher asset valuation, higher rental prices with low vacancy rates, and higher sale prices. So if you do not love your window display, you can go for highly efficient glass windows and increase the property value in the process.

4. More Comfortable Tenants

Sometimes, weather conditions can get really harsh. Thanks to energy-efficient windows, your occupants can enjoy cool temperatures during summer and stay warm during winter. They will not need to spend more on air or heat conditioners to regulate temperatures in the office because the windows will avail the comfort they need. By keeping your tenants happy, they will stay put, often ensuring full, all-year occupation of your facility.

5. Helpful Marketing

Going green in your property gives you a huge selling point. You can leverage these features to attract tenants to your commercial building. Remember, people love a space where they are comfortable and enjoy lower operating costs. When you advertise your facility as green, this can win you quality tenants who also value the environment.

6. Protected Office Furniture

Regular windows cannot effectively protect against the sun’s UV rays. UV rays can damage cloth, wood, and furniture and affect light-sensitive people. Glass manufacturers usually include a special coating on energy-efficient windows that block the UV rays without affecting the visible light.

So if you want to eliminate fading on your paintings, furniture, or carpets, consider installing energy-efficient windows.

7. Less Unwanted Noise

If your tenants always complain about excess noise, energy-efficient windows will help you remedy this problem. These windows are heavy, with high insulation, giving them soundproofing ability against railroads or sirens that may disrupt your tenants.

Energy-efficient windows will transform your commercial building into a comfortable working space. Contact Ken Caryl Glass Inc. today to get a free quote on commercial window glass for your facility. Professionalism and unbeatable prices are guaranteed. We look forward to speaking with you about and fulfilling all of your commercial window needs as soon as possible.

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