6 Benefits of Skylights

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There’s nothing like having adequate natural light in the home. The white sunlight during the day can give a room a comfortable, refreshing glow, and having enough light while doing focused tasks can save your eyes a lot of strain.

One of the best ways to let natural light into your home is through skylights. Being at a more optimal position than regular windows, skylights allow more natural light into the room and can improve the appearance of a space.

But while natural light is always a plus, is it worth installing a few skylights? If you’ve been considering a skylight or two in your home, read on to discover six of the benefits a skylight can provide.

1. Saves Energy and Money

When you install a skylight into a main room, you’ll have more natural light throughout the day. Since you won’t need to use electrical lighting as often, this can reduce electricity consumption in your home by up to 10 percent, ultimately shrinking the balance of your electric bill every month.

Skylights can also help keep your home warm in the cooler months. Natural sunlight will heat the interior of the home, cutting down your monthly heating costs.

If you decide to install a skylight that opens up to encourage air flow, you can also use your air conditioning less during warmer months. Opening up a skylight during the day can encourage warm air to rise out through the skylight and cooler air to sink down into your home.

2. Improves the Environment

Because you aren’t depending on artificial lighting, cooling, or heating as often, your household won’t use as much unsustainable energy. This can help reduce the production of harmful emissions and contribute to a healthier earth.

3. Offers Privacy

Getting natural light in a bathroom can sometimes be challenging. For more privacy, many homes have small, frosted windows in the bathrooms. And if you prefer to close your blinds in bedrooms or other private areas, you may be struggling to get that natural light in your home.

Skylights can be a great solution. Since they’re at an angle or position that makes it difficult to see into from the outdoors, they maintain your privacy and also offer loads of light. So, you can enjoy a relaxing bath without compromising on a sunny room.

4. Keeps Mold and Mildew at Bay

Nobody wants mold or mildew in their home. But when there are moist, dim conditions, both can easily develop over time. While artificial lighting can make a bathroom or kitchen brighter, it can’t exactly eliminate your mold or mildew. Sunlight, however, is a natural disinfectant, and having a constant stream of daylight in a room can eliminate the risk of mold or mildew.

5. Adds a Unique Element to a Room

Skylights by themselves create a different kind of atmosphere in a space. They can add warmth and peace at the same time, making a room more appealing. But if you approach skylights creatively, you can add a little more pizazz to your family room, kitchen, or whatever area you choose.

Where you place a skylight can change the style of the room. Skylights can highlight an area or object, providing a classy, modern look. You can put one over the stairs or the shower for a more dramatic cascade of light on the wall.

Small skylights spread evenly through a room can add an interesting dimension to the area, and the shape of the skylights can accentuate surrounding décor or interior designs.

6. Encourages Good Personal Health

Of course, we’ve been told that more light reduces the strain on our eyes. Staring at a computer screen in the dark can easily tire out your eyes and cause headaches from an increased effort to focus. A flood of natural light can keep your eyes fresh for longer and prevent those irritating headaches.

However, an increase in natural light can not only help our eyes, but it can also help our bodies as a whole. With more exposure to sunlight, your body will produce more vitamin D. This vitamin can help you stay physically healthy, and it can also help you be happier and stay happier.

Natural light can also help you be more productive. So, whether you’re an at-home employee or a housewife, the addition of a skylight can keep you going and help you get work done more efficiently than before.


Installing a skylight can provide more than a little extra light. It can save you money, improve your mood, and add a design element to your home. Consider putting one in your kitchen, your living room, or even your bathroom.

If you’re thinking of installing a skylight or investing in a custom glass project, contact a local glass specialist, such as Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. He or she can discuss different options and suggestions with you and determine the best plan for the job.

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