5 Ways New Storefront Glass Installations Can Help Increase Profits

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When companies rely on brick and mortar business to stay in operation, one thing they want to do is to ensure customers walk through the door. One way to help improve the look of your business and invite more customers inside is with glass storefront installations.

Large glass storefronts come with many advantages, but for a business owner, one of the main advantages to consider is an increase in profits. After the installation of new storefront glass for your business, you could see profits increase in multiple ways that allow your business to thrive.

1. Lower Energy Costs

One of the more obvious and straight-forward ways the profits increase with storefront glass installations is through lower energy costs. The glass itself provides more natural light inside the business, which helps result in lower usage of artificial light.

Energy-efficient windows and film will help keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer. Over time, the savings add up and help reduce your business’s carbon footprint as well.

2. Window Advertisements

The glass storefronts you have installed on your business will provide a lot of opportunities to set up advertisements for products and services. For example, a clothing store may set up mannequins in the windows. Large posters and sale promotions may be attached directly to the inside of the glass.

Floor to ceiling storefront panels gives your business a lot of space to work with. The extra space allows people to see inside the business and give you plenty of space to showcase various advertisements at the same time.

With the advertisements, you have the chance to entice customers and get them inside your place of business when they otherwise may have just walked by. The glass will also act as an open canvas to design many handmade advertisements.

For example, you may purchase a collection of glass pens, which are made to draw directly on the glass. With the variety of colors, you can easily draw on windows and put a spotlight on special sales or promotions. The ink from the pens allows you to easily wash away the information.

3. Window Screen Displays

Large storefront glass windows have space and security to showcase items from directly inside the store as opposed to on the street. Help draw in new customers and increase profits with the installations of a window screen display.

A large flat-screen television may be installed on the inside of the window so people who walk by could see the video content on the outside. With the large TV, you can showcase pictures of your products or showcase video advertisements that play on a loop.

For example, if you own a bakeshop, a window display TV may be used to showcase images of cake and cookies. By aiming directly at a potential customer, the person would get an idea of what the bakery has to offer and you may gain more customers through the use of the TV display in the glass.

4. Employee Enthusiasm

In many ways, an employee helps drive the profits of your business. When employees are feeling happy and motivated, they may work harder to sell services or products to consumers. The installation of a glass storefront could have a direct impact on the mood of your employees.

According to multiple research reports, the lack of natural light may make employees tired or feeling gloomy, which would naturally decrease their work performance. With glass window storefronts, your business will have increased natural light and provide views to the outside. Your employees may have more motivation and a happier attitude as a result.

Happiness may not only spread through the employees but through the customers they interact with as well. All of these factors come into play with the bottom line of your business and will only help increase profits.

5. Company Branding

Creating a memorable and recognizable brand for your company will help the business stand out. A glass storefront has a lot of opportunities for branding. Your company logo and color scheme may be positioned on the glass through either permanent or temporary decals.

The branding may also be implemented through any extravagant window decorations. For example, you may decorate the window for the holidays. With the holiday decorations, you could add your business logo on a Christmas stocking or ornament.

Customers may stop by to view the decorations and take them all in. Some may even take pictures of nice decoration displays and share the photos on social media. All of the little branding elements come into play and allow you to spread the word of your business and help get more customers.

Plan out your storefront window ideas and talk with us at Ken Caryl Glass Inc. We have years of experience and can help your business stand out in multiple ways with beautiful, new glass.


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