5 Grocery Store Window Myths and Facts

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If you own or operate a grocery store, then you may have an outdated grocery store design that includes no windows. You may have left windows out of your grocery store design due to the belief that windows hinder the ability to control customer experience or due to the theory that customers linger longer in windowless stores.

However, adding windows to your grocery store offers you, your customers, and your employees\ many benefits that you may not have considered when initially choosing or designing your store.

Read on to learn five myths and facts about grocery store windows, and you may be surprised at the many benefits of adding windows to an existing store.

Myth: Windows Increase Energy Costs

Many store owners worry that adding windows to their stores will greatly increase energy costs. However, the fact is that today’s windows can be very energy efficient when you choose the right window design. The right windows insulate your store well during the summer to keep cooling costs from rising and can actually help heat your store naturally in the winter to reduce store heating expenses.

Grocery store owners in Colorado should install double-pane windows with a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 35 to .6 and a U-factor of .25 or below. These windows will allow the sun to naturally heat your grocery store in the winter while still insulating your store well in the summer to keep cooling expenses low.

The right window design can also greatly decrease your grocery store lighting costs. In fact, a large grocery store chain decided to place windows in one of its stores as an experiment. After these windows were added, store lighting costs were reduced by about 23 percent.

Fact: Windows Can Improve Employee Morale 

One factor that can decrease the success of a grocery store is high employee turnover. Businesses with high employee turnover tend to experience a decrease in revenue, employee productivity, and employee morale.

One easy way to improve employee morale to reduce employee turnover is to add windows to your store. Employees feel less cooped up and disconnected from the world when they work in a store that has windows they can glance out of from time to time. In addition, sunlight is a natural mood booster than also naturally improve employee morale.

Myth: Windows Make Your Store Less Safe

Having a windowless store may provide you with a false feeling of safety due to the belief that most burglars break into stores through their windows. However, burglars are much more likely to enter a business they plan to burglarize through the front door than they are through store windows. In addition, if a criminal is lurking outside of your store planning a break-in attempt, you may be able to spot this criminal and call the local police when you see them through your store windows.

When concerned with window break-ins, choose burglar-proof window designs that make it very difficult for even determined criminals to gain access into your building through your windows.

To make your new windows as break-in resistant as possible, choose laminated window glass. Laminated glass is composed of two sheets of glass that are adhered together with a sheet of adhesive vinyl. This adhesive vinyl sheet stays in place and all glass pieces stay attached to it if the window is broken.

Many criminals have such difficulty breaking through this sheet of adhesive vinyl after breaking a window to gain entry into a business that they simply turn the other way instead of continuing to attempt to gain entry into the business.

Fact: Windows Make a Store Feel Safer

With windows, customers and employees can glance outside before leaving the store to see that the store grounds appear safe and calm. This improves peace of mind and gives people the option of remaining inside if the weather is poor or if they feel unsafe leaving at the time.

On the other hand, people leaving stores with no windows often worry that there are dangers lurking outside of the store that they simply cannot see.

Myth: Windows Lead to Product Label Fading & Product Damage

You may fear that as the sun’s heat and UV rays pass through windows, the UV rays will fade product labels and/or that extreme heat from the sun will damage food items.

The truth is that you can coat all or just some of your store windows with a window film that blocks most of the sun’s UV rays and/or much of the sun’s heat. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, today’s window films can block up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s UV radiation to prevent product package fading and overheating of store food items.

If you own or operate a grocery store that currently has no windows, then consider these grocery store window myths and facts in mind when choosing whether or not to add windows to your store. Contact the window experts at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., to discuss your grocery store window design needs today.

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