5 Glass Upgrades to Make Your Rental Property More Appealing to Tenants

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As a landlord, rental-property owner, or property manager, you have a number of responsibilities under the law. You’re responsible for certain repairs and upgrades to ensure that your property is safe and habitable for your current and future tenants.

The best decor and building choices you can make as a rental-property owner or manager will appeal to prospective tenants and make your job easier overall. In this blog, we discuss five glass upgrades that can make your rental property more competitive in your local market and more profitable in the future.

1. Glass Shower Doors

One of the best glass investments you can make when you renovate or upgrade your rental property is to replace curtain rods with glass shower enclosures. These enclosures can be as simple or complex as you wish and come in a variety of styles. Choose from frosted glass, frameless designs, and other popular styles.

Glass shower doors make the bathrooms in your rental property look more sleek and modern to potential tenants. The presence of a shower enclosure also gives your tenants the impression that they won’t have to do or buy as much to make your property their home since they won’t have to pick up a shower curtain.

Glass enclosures also benefit you since they dramatically reduce the amount of water damage to bathroom flooring.

2. Large Bathroom Mirrors

If you need to replace a broken bathroom mirror or are planning a renovation, consider installing a larger mirror. You may even want to consult with a glass supplier to see whether a custom design can set your bathroom apart from comparable properties.

This oversized mirror is particularly important in bathrooms with no exterior windows, somewhat outdated countertops and fixtures, small amounts of square footage, or low lighting. The large reflective surface maximizes the light in the space, making your rental property’s bathrooms look brighter and more open.

This simple change can be all you need to assure prospective tenants that a smaller or darker bathroom can still suit their needs.

3. Safety Glass on First Level

As a landlord, you are legally responsible for keeping your property safe. When you need to replace glass on the first level of a rental home or apartment building, choose a safety glass. While you may not have a legal obligation to choose this type of glass, safety glass benefits both you and your tenants.

Your tenants can enjoy more peace of mind knowing that their windows are less likely to shatter or be broken by a would-be intruder.

Adding safety glass as one of your property’s features can make the listing more competitive, especially if you want families or young professionals as renters. Disclosing the type of glass also makes your management company seem more compassionate, trustworthy, and caring to potential tenants.

This upgrade also reduces the risk of your having to deal with broken windows and break-ins in the future.

If your rental property has multiple stories or is an apartment complex, you should have a windows expert evaluate the need for safety glass on the upper floors, especially in bedrooms that may be used by children in the future.

4. Tempered or Laminated Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a staple in many rental properties, especially apartments with attached balconies, patios, or porches. However, sliding glass doors are often the most vulnerable glass building element on a property.

Glass doors may be cracked by extreme weather, impact incidents, or even a tenant closing them too hard. When you choose to install new sliding glass doors, always opt for a tempered or laminated glass. These glass types hold up well over time and look sturdier to the discerning tenant’s eye.

This choice offers many of the same benefits as installing safety glass in first-floor properties.

5. Upgraded Windows

Lots of characteristics can discourage prospective tenants from applying to live at your property. While you can’t control all of these elements, upgrading outdated windows can eliminate many of these common issues.

New windows can make the interior of your rental property better soundproofed, more energy efficient, and more visually impactful. Rather than investing in small aesthetic renovations that may not leave a big impression, install high-quality windows to ensure that your potential renters hear, see, and feel the difference when they walk in.

Investing in new windows also benefits you as a property owner because you won’t have to worry about wasting as much energy on climate control when the utilities are in your name between tenants.

At Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., we offer glass services tailored to your specific needs as a property owner or manager. Partner with our team to ensure that you can schedule glass repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible as well as get the best-quality glass products for future renovations. Visit our property management page to learn more.

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