5 Considerations for Choosing Mirrors for Your Dance Studio

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Mirrors are an iconic and necessary component of a dance studio. However, not all mirrors are the same, and some can do more for your studio than others. Choosing the right mirrors for a dance studio can go a long way toward adding several layers of benefits to your studio. Here are a few things to consider when choosing mirrors for your space.

1. Studio Mirrors Can Require Permissions

Before doing anything, you should know what you can and can’t do with the space you’re using as a dance studio. If you rent the space, you may have to ask permission from the property owner before you add or change the mirrors.

When renting, you may need movable mirrors or non-permanent installations. If you own the space, you can look at long-term permanent options. Don’t worry, you have a lot of options, so even without permission to embed the mirrors, you can still have good, serviceable mirrors in your studio.

2. Studio Mirrors Are an Investment

When choosing mirrors for your studio, you must have an investment mind state. As with any investment, the goal is to maximize the return on that investment. Don’t just look at the cost of mirrors, look at all the aspects of the mirrors that add value now and in the future. Some things to consider include:

  • Quality
  • Longevity
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Safety

If you cut corners now, you may find you’re paying for it in many ways later. For example, you may need to replace the mirrors more often, pay for installation more often, or deal with distortion sooner than later. Investing in a superior product today will typically mean you can continue to use that product for years to come with no additional costs.

3. Studio Mirrors Need Proper Measuring

You have a unique space, so you require a unique mirror solution. The size of your studio may dictate what type of mirrors you can use or which type will work best for you.

Take a moment to visualize how you want your space would look with new mirrors. Do you like the idea of one seamless mirror across one wall or maybe several mirrors that stretch across multiple walls? You have a lot more options than you think.

Measure your space so you know what mirror sizes will work for you. The best option is to seek a custom build that’s tailored to your space specifically. Nevertheless, with some careful measurements and considerations, you can find sizes that can still work very well.

In cases where you cannot have mirrors installed through construction, you should make sure your measurements incorporate a little space away from the walls to accommodate that fact.

4. Studio Mirrors Require Careful Placement

The size of your space can help you figure out how tall you want your mirrors and where you may want to place them. Don’t automatically assume you need mirrors to come all the way down to the floor.

You can place your mirrors up and above things like outlets or floor trim. Dancers will still see their feet and full figure. However, if your studio deals in dance that’s lower to the floor, this can become an issue.

Additionally, mirrors on a single wall will work excellently, but the styles taught at your studio may require dancers to see themselves from multiple angles. In such cases, you may want mirrors on more than one wall. No matter where you place your mirrors, make sure the mirrors don’t face each other in a distracting or distorting fashion.

5. Studio Mirrors Come in All Types

Mirrors can serve multiple purposes in your dance studio. You want high-quality mirrors that give a clean, clear, accurate reflection. You can also use those same mirrors to add light, beauty, elegance, and even energy efficiency to your dance studio.

Mirrors can make a smaller studio seem larger, or make a large studio seem cozier and less intimidating. All these attributes will have to do with your placement and the type of mirrors you use. The glass your mirrors consist of can perform in various ways. Your options can range from insulated glass to glass that lowers glare and many other types.

With so many attributes and combinations of attributes, it’s important to speak with a professional glass service about your options. In addition, for safety and the correct operation of your glass, you should always seek professional installation.

Expert glass services have the tools to move and install large pieces of glass. They also have the training and expertise that allows them to warrant their work. For the right mirror solution for your dance studio, contact Ken Caryl Glass Inc. today.

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