4 Ways Window Upgrades Protect the Interior of Your Business

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Window and glass installations are a key part of many businesses. Glass lets natural light in and allows customers to see inside the business. Large window displays offer ideal ways to advertise and showcase business products. The windows and glass installations at your business should also offer a lot of protection.

Older window installations may not offer the same protection as newer windows. Upgraded features will help protect the interior of your business in a variety of ways. In the long run, you could save a lot of money and prevent all kinds of damage due to older and poor window installations.

Learn about the various ways modern window upgrades will help protect the interior of your business while providing new and durable products.

1. UV Light

Over the years, reports have showcased the importance of UV light and how it impacts human skin. Sunscreens helps protect people from sun burns and other skin damage. When UV light gets exposed to items in your business, you cannot just lather them up in sunscreen. Items can fade or change over time with too much UV light exposure.

But UV light isn’t the only culprit of fading; heat is another cause. Both UV light and heat must be blocked from the point of the window. With new window upgrades, a special color film may installed on all of the windows to keep heat and UV light from fading your business. The film does not impact the views inside or outside of the windows, but will provide UV light protection.

All types of items in your office could suffer from UV light damage without the protective film. For example, furniture and carpets may fade over time due to the UV light. Promotional pictures, banners, and artwork on the wall could all become damaged with extended UV exposure.

UV- and heat-blocking film will help prevent the UV exposure to the items and the office decor will keep their natural color much longer.

2. Weather Damage

Extreme wind and stormy weather have the potential to damage not only the exterior of your building, but the interior as well. When glass smashes in, office furniture could be ruined and employees may be placed at risk.

The exposure to extreme wind and weather could also cause potential damage to electronics. A downpour of rain could quickly flood a building or cause electrical issues if the rain makes contact with plugs and outlets.

Help protect the interior of your business with specialized storm windows. Storm windows have the durability and strength to prevent glass damage and exposure to outside elements. The extra protection will help reduce the amount of moisture your business is exposed to.

3. Security Concerns

If your business is primarily located on the first floor, one of the security concerns includes intruders at the business. Traditional glass windows and doors may be easily smashed in and allow unauthorized people to gain access to the building in a matter of seconds.

Apply security film to all of the windows and glass doors at your business. The film gets applied to the interior side of the glass, and it’s caulked to the frame to ensure that if there is an attempt to break the glass in, the glass will hold up. The whole piece of glass doesn’t just crack and break open.

The film keeps the glass in place, adding an extra challenge for any intruder and more time for law enforcement to arrive on the scene. The extra protection will help employees feel safe and is an additional safeguard to add to traditional security measures like alarms and surveillance cameras.

Similar types of window film has been used in public places like schools and banks. On doors, the film is often paired with strong locks, window bars, and other elements to increase the security as needed.

4. Electronic Equipment Protection

Many businesses rely on computers for company information, cash registers, or to run applications the business uses on a daily basis. One of the keys to keeping the electronic devices running is heat regulation.

Special window installations including double-pane windows will help regulate temperatures. In the summer, the windows will help prevent too much heat from getting into the business. In the winter, the windows will prevent too much cold.

With proper windows, the electronics will run at an ideal temperature and your business will help save money on energy costs. During the weekends and at night, you may not run the heat or air conditioning as often as regular business hours. When windows help regulate the temperatures, you do not need to worry about climate control as much.

All of the benefits will help save a lot of money in the long run. Just running into one of the problems could cause more money worth of damage than the actual costs of the windows.

For more information on window installations, contact us at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc. We can provide you with all types of window products catered directly to your business and help protect both the exterior and interior with new window installations.

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