4 Tips for Burglar-Resistant Commercial Window Design

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If you own or manage a business, then you need to take every step you can to prevent break-ins and robberies. In the year 2018 alone, over 21,000 homes and businesses in the state of Colorado were broken into. An additional 4,000 robberies occurred where innocent people were harmed or threatened by criminals, and almost 40 percent of these robberies took place in commercial locations.

Since many criminals gain entry into businesses through windows, you need to keep business security in mind when installing or replacing your business windows.

Read on to learn four tips for burglar-resistant commercial window design to keep in mind when selecting and installing your new commercial windows.

1. Choose Tempered or Laminated Glass

One way criminals break into commercial buildings is by breaking window glass with brute force and then climbing through the broken window. For this reason, you should skip traditional glass and instead opt for commercial window glass that is more difficult to break. Two types of glass that are much stronger than traditional glass are tempered and laminated glass.

Tempered glass is created by heating traditional glass in a special furnace and then cooling it rapidly. This special treatment process creates a sheet of glass that is about five times stronger and much more difficult to break than traditional glass.

Laminated glass consists of two sheets of tempered glass with a strong sheet of vinyl sandwiched between them. Laminated glass is even more difficult to break than tempered glass and, if a burglar does break it, all glass pieces stay attached the vinyl sheet between them. A criminal may leave when they realize they can’t enter the broken window through the vinyl layer that is still intact.

Laminated glass also blocks many of the sun’s UV rays and has soundproof qualities that can benefit many businesses.

2. Cover All Windows With Security Film

No matter what type of window glass you choose to install, you can further burglar-proof your windows by covering them with security film. Security film differs greatly from traditional window film that is used to tint windows. Security window film can be up to 14 ml in thickness, which is thicker than sunlight films.

Also, while traditional window film is applied to the visible window surface only, security film is integrated into your entire window system by anchoring it into the window frames.

When a burglar attempts to break a window covered in security film, the window can break, but the film stays in place, making it much more difficult for the burglar to enter your business. When a potential thief cannot get into your business quickly and conveniently, they often give up due to fear of being spotted.

Keep in mind, while thicker security films are typically stronger than thinner ones, some thinner security films on the market are just as strong as thicker films due to special nano-layering technology. Make sure to research your options before you choose a film.

3. Equip Your Windows With Security Alarm Sensors

Another way to prevent business burglaries is to ensure your security system is equipped the features meant to detect break-ins through your windows.

All business security systems should be equipped with glass break sensors that trigger the security alarm if the sound of breaking glass is detected by the system and window sensors that trigger the security system alarms if a window is opened with brute force.

These alarm additions can make sure that any robber or burglar is caught before they take anything off your premises.

4. Find an Emergency Repair Service for Broken Windows

Whether your business sustained a broken window through an accident or an attempted burglary, a broken window leaves you vulnerable. It’s an entry point into your business until it’s properly repaired, which means that if someone attempted to break in, they might try again through the broken window.

Emergency repair services are available to make sure your window is repaired in time, sometimes within a matter of hours. Some 24-hour services can also be a help, so if your security system alerts you to a broken window in the small hours of the morning, you can call and have the window repaired before you open your building for business.

This also increases the safety of employees and customers around shards of glass. Broken windows can be a serious safety hazard as well as cause problems with your HVAC system by letting in hot or cold air from outside. You can cover it temporarily, but the safest option is to have it repaired quickly.

Follow these four tips for burglar-resistant commercial window design when building your new business or replacing your current business windows. Contact the glass and window experts at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., to schedule new or replacement window installation or repair today.


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