4 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Windows

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Summer is often the time that people plan home improvement projects. It’s also a great time to work on maintaining your home’s windows. Windows are often neglected, and as a result, they can deteriorate or lose efficiency, especially if you have older windows.

Don’t take your windows for granted. Spend some time this summer making small repairs and replacements so that your glass is ready for the seasons to change again. Consider these five window maintenance tips as your guide. 

  1. Check and Replace Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping provides the tight seal between your window and the outside air. Over time, it can break down, crack, or peel away from the window, depending on what type of window you have. Open each window and check the condition of the weatherstripping. If you notice the weatherstripping is brittle, yellowing, broken, or missing, then replace it.

Not only will this help your windows be ready for cooler temperatures, but it’ll also make them more efficient during the summer. With leaking weatherstripping, you lose cool air and invite extra humidity into your home, which makes your house more challenging to cool.

  1. Replace Broken Seals or Glazing

If you have older windows or windows set in wood or metal instead of vinyl, you will want to make sure the glazing is in good condition. Glazing is the caulk-like substance that holds the pane of glass in the frame. Modern windows often do not use glazing or caulk but restored or older windows will.

If you notice that your windows rattle in the wind or if the pane wiggles when you place your hand on it, then there’s a good chance your glazing is breaking down. If you have single pane windows, then your glazing can be repaired, but it must be done carefully. When glazing breaks down, your windows will leak air and the sash can start to show moisture damage from exterior humidity and rain.

First, all the old glazing must be removed. Glazing is very hard and firm, so removing it from the glass and the sash frame can be a challenge. Use a chisel to take it off, and if you accidentally break the glass, measure the space and replace the pane before adding new glazing.

If you have double glazed windows, usually the entire sash must be replaced when the seals fail. This is a job for a professional glass company.

  1. Install UV Film

Windows allow your home to be filled with cheerful summer sun. However, that sun can be very intense, especially in the afternoon and evening. If your glass doesn’t have built-in UV protection, then consider installing a UV window film that filters out some of the harmful rays.

UV film not only protects your health, but it can also protect your belongings. Without UV protection, you’ll see carpeting, wood furniture, upholstery, and drapes fade in the patches that get the most sunlight.

UV films can also help to reduce interior heating from sunlight. If your thermostat is in direct sunlight, then the film will help it to get a more true reading of the interior temperature; otherwise, your thermostat may incorrectly cool your home because it detects the heat from the sun through the window.

  1. Clean the Interior and Exterior

Now that the weather is warm, you can give your exterior glass a good cleaning. Cleaning is not just for aesthetics; your glass will have a reduced lifespan if it is not cleaned. Sand, dirt, mineral residue from rain, and other debris can cause etching to the glass. Over time, the glass may appear permanently cloudy or unclean, even after a good scrubbing.

If you have windows that open from both directions or that are double hung, then cleaning the exterior glass is simple. You can remove the screen and clean the exterior glass from the inside by sliding the panes up and down or by swinging the window in. Fixed windows are more challenging, you might want to hire a professional service, especially for second story windows.

Cleaning the exterior also helps you notice problems with the glass. For example, if you have a frame that is starting to peel paint or that is affected by dry rot, cleaning the glass will make you aware of the need for further repair.

To learn more about glass maintenance or to have your glass replaced, contact us at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc.

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