10 Ways to Use Glass in Your Office Design

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Whether you’re a business owner or you’re a new partner at your firm, the design of your office can affect your workday. The right office design can maximize your productivity, make your clients feel welcome and help you feel more at home at work.

As you decide on your final design, materials matter as much as shapes and styles. One of the most distinct, sleek and chic materials options is glass.

In this blog, we list 10 ways that glass can make your office design more beautiful, professional and upscale.

  1. Doors

Work buildings with many individual rooms can often feel dark, cramped or closed off. One way to brighten and open up the space is to replace solid doors with doors that have one or more glass panels, sometimes called lights.

If you’re concerned about privacy for yourself or your clients, consider choosing an etched or frosted glass door to give you the light you want without letting everyone walking by peek in.

  1. Exterior Windows

Whenever you want to change the perceived dimensions of a room, you should start by considering new or additional windows. Replacing outdated windows can change the entire feel of your office, sometimes due to the improved energy efficiency of new panes.

Big exterior windows, such as floor-to-ceiling panes, provide an understated drama perfect for workplaces of any style.

  1. Interior Windows

If you don’t have any open exterior walls to work with, you may still be able to add windows that look into a hallway or adjoining room. While these windows don’t necessarily add more sunlight, the clear spaces give the illusion that the room is bigger than it is.

As with office doors, you can add privacy finishes to interior windows to get the look you want without unwanted people looking in.

  1. Mirrors

Installing new windows is often an intensive remodeling project. If you love the idea of more glass on your walls to open up the office, but don’t have space or the budget for extra windows, hang mirrors instead.

Mirrors catch the light in the room and amplify it, which can provide a similar effect to additional exterior windows. Face the mirrors toward the windows in your office for even more brightness.

  1. Partitions

Many workplace spaces are being redefined to feel more communal and less exclusionary. If you love the idea of open concept rooms or collaborative spaces, you may not want an office that’s defined by traditional walls.

Instead, use glass partitions of any height to keep your office semi-private without blocking it off entirely.

  1. Shelves

The more furniture you put in your office, the smaller the room looks. However, when you choose transparent furnishings, you minimize the claustrophobic effect. This illusion happens because glass furnishings don’t disrupt visual patterns the way that conventional furnishings do.

If you have lots of books, collectibles or tools of your trade to display, consider glass bookshelves or wall-mounted shelves. You may also want to try out floating shelves for a sleek and effective display.

  1. Signage

When you think about business signage, you likely think of the signs in front of your building. But if you look around your office, you probably have a name placard, credentials, and even a version of the company logo on display.

To make these signs look modern and minimal, consider etching or printing them onto glass. You can also combine other signage materials with glass to make a conventional material look more sophisticated.

  1. Skylights

Don’t have any wall space but need more light in your office? Consider installing a skylight or two. Skylights can make rooms appear much brighter and often do not come with the glares that windows do.

If your ceiling doesn’t have room for a traditional skylight, you may still be able to put in a tubular skylight. These lights use refractive components and a long tube to bring light from outside into your office space.

  1. Tables and Desks

In addition to shelves, signage and other glass furnishings, you can also choose glass-topped tables and desks to get the workspace you need without visually reducing your office size. The glass used for these furnishings is sturdy enough to use for conference sized tables and delicate enough for end tables in a seating area.

Glass-topped tables and desks can be made custom if you have specific design preferences.

  1. Whiteboards

Whiteboards are a universal tool in most office buildings. However, conventional whiteboards can look dingy and outdated. Upgrade to a glass whiteboard for a more professional, modern look.

In addition to their smooth, unobtrusive appearance, glass whiteboards have the added benefit of being easier to clean over time than their conventional counterparts.

Whether you’re designing your office yourself or working with a professional interior designer, consider the uses of glass listed above to give your workspace a unique, beautiful look.

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